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Manufacturers benefit from IoT as far as the eye can see

Henry Ford is widely recognized as the father of modern manufacturing with his use of assembly lines to manufacture cars that the average family could afford. His assembly line increased productivity and introduced specialization. Mr. Ford would be astonished to see how far his ideas have come.  How do manufacturers benefit from IoT? Manufacturing process […]

Coming around the turn-the IoT automobile factory

Much of today’s Internet of Things (IoT) conversation revolves around end-user products that will transform how consumers live their lives. An increasingly hot topic, however, is how the IoT is changing how the world manufactures its goods. The automotive manufacturing sector is one industry already transforming into an even leaner production machine because of IoT […]

What’s new with IIoT technologies?

When it comes to IIoT technologies and the Internet of Things, however, growing pains may be the least of your concerns. Add the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things to the equation, and imagine the operational challenges your company will have to address over the next few years. This post will help you gain […]

What the Internet of Things (IoT) Means for Industry

Probability is high that you know how the Internet has changed computing forever and how the Internet of Things (IoT) has made changes in your life, with everything from smartphones to your automobile. But did you know what the IoT means for industries? That is what LNS Research’s white paper, “The IoT Revolution and the […]

Use cases and benefits for AI in manufacturing

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence have chatbots and voice assistants replacing customer care reps, medical imaging tools doing the heavy lifting for doctors (with lower error rates no less) and versatile robots that can open doors and assist the elderly. If AI hasn’t already impacted your industry, it soon will. Read on to learn more […]

AI and Aerospace and Defense

Research powerhouse Gartner estimates that artificial intelligence will generate over $1 trillion in value to businesses in 2018, possibly reaching a staggering $3.9 trillion by 2022. AI, machine-based learning that utilizes human intelligence functionalities like planning, problem-solving, and reasoning, can process massive datasets to obtain insights and train itself to provide useful information. Few other […]

Why quality 4.0 in the oil & gas industry is necessary

Volatility in the global oil and gas market and the availability of new technology has prompted calls for companies to migrate to a new phase of quality control – Quality 4.0 in the oil & gas industry. Many firms have found success in targeting this new quality perspective in their supply chains. A review of […]

The state of automotive quality

The global automotive industry is steadily growing and has broken new boundaries in recent years. Reports show that the production and sales of automobiles is booming in China. The state of automotive quality in industry in North America continues to make a strong recovery while car manufacturers in Europe have begun to post record profits. […]

Digital transformation 101

Digital transformation is taking manufacturing by storm, which is unusual for this field where change tends to happen at a slow pace. In 2016, $178 billion were invested in the “internet of things” and more companies are looking to switch to these newer technologies to remain competitive and to achieve operational excellence. Understanding the digital thread Digital […]

Quality management in 2017

Manufacturing has been one of the top industries for growth this year with an average of 16,000 new jobs being created each month in 2017. This is also an industry that is rapidly changing, thanks to new technologies, and a lot of these changes are taking place in quality management systems. A lot of the trends that […]


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