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Analytics for Quality Management

Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement thrive on quality and compliance data. And yet most companies are far from realizing the full potential of those methodologies. Why? The complexities of modern engineering, production, and supply chains have made traditional manual and spreadsheet-based approaches to performance management obsolete.

In today’s highly automated and often complicated production environments, far too much valuable quality and compliance data is going to waste. The opportunity to experience long-term and sustainable improvements is lost, because companies are operating without a single system for metrics and analysis. Not only that, the IT resources required to connect all of those data sources aren’t set up to “talk” to one another.

That proactive manufacturing environment every company is striving for doesn’t have to be so hard to reach. Today’s leading companies have deployed an integrated quality management analytics software solution, made specifically to bring together disjointed information systems and simplify the process of driving performance improvements.

IQS offers a next-generation analytics solution, delivered via the web, and engineered to equip manufacturing professionals and executives with the tools needed to make data-driven decisions.

A fully integrated quality management system

The quality management system is the centerpiece of all your quality and compliance improvement efforts. IQS Enterprise Quality Management Software delivers all your quality and compliance processes across the organization and throughout the supply chain on one platform.

IQS Analytics sits on top of the IQS Quality Management and Compliance platform. Its set of easy-to-use tools provides personnel role-based access with drill-down capabilities, dashboards, business intelligence, and data visualizations. It also takes the pain out of reporting and ad-hoc analyses.

Informed decisions from real-time data

Having the best quality means very little if information takes too long to receive. Manufacturing professionals no longer have to waste resources patching together different reports to get the full picture. By streamlining quality and compliance data at both local and enterprise levels, IQS Analytics has the tools needed for driving improvements in quality, cost, and efficiency in real time.

Advanced business intelligence tools

With IQS Analytics, you no longer need to put together resource-intensive charts and graphs to understand and communicate performance. The software eliminates those types of tedious tasks, so you can focus on getting ahead of quality and compliance issues. It translates multiple points of data into easy-to-read visualizations, so quality management personnel and executives can grasp data points and trends more easily.

Convert data into multiple formats

Whether you need information in PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, or RTF format, the information available in the IQS Analytics software is also easily converted into a variety of computing formats.

Data available in multiple formats

Different scenarios call for different data formats. IQS Analytics lets you export information seamlessly into PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, and RTF formats. The information available in IQS Analytics can also be easily converted into a variety of computing formats.

Data anywhere, anytime

IQS Analytics enables decisions to become driven by quality and compliance data. That means the data has to be available when professionals want it, wherever they may be. The solution is accessible on all devices, from tablets to smartphones and laptops.

Easy to install and easier to use

We understand time to value is on the top of quality and compliance leaders’ minds, so IQS Analytics is designed to be up and running almost immediately. The web-based delivery model makes data visualization, mining, analysis, and integration uncomplicated and doesn’t require IT support. As soon as the data begins flowing into the system, personnel at all levels can get started.


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