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AS 9100 Compliance

Aerospace and defense has an incredibly unique and diverse set of challenges—compliance being a big one. In addition to the complexities of products and processes, hitting difficult quality and delivery targets, ensuring the integrity of parts and components, and so much more, aerospace and defense manufacturers must satisfy the requirements of AS 9100 compliance.

AS 9100 fully incorporates the ISO 9000 family of standards, but it goes above and beyond in the areas of quality and safety. For nearly all aspects of aerospace and defense, especially as it relates to major organizations, being AS 9100-compliant is a requirement for doing business. Upstream partners must be able to demonstrate compliance and build it into their products and processes.

Unfortunately, many organizations are having difficulties meeting AS 9100 compliance requirements. Typically, this is because manufacturers are sticking with their legacy, often outdated systems. As compliance has become more intensive over the years, aerospace and defense companies are essentially trying to do more with less—with serious consequences on the line.

Managing AS 9100 Compliance with IQS

Within a single integrated hub, IQS software delivers an enterprise-wide framework for managing AS 9100 compliance initiatives. The solution is engineered to digitize and automate aspects of AS 9100 compliance—audit management, document management, CAPA, etc.—mitigating the potential for redundancies or human inefficiencies, and letting you focus on adding value.

AS 9100 standards take a process-centric approach to quality management, similar to ISO 9000 standards. Nonetheless, these differ in many crucial aspects, as do the fluid international variations of AS 9100 requirements. IQS software deploys an integrated solution to meet this challenge proactively, ensuring compliance with international variations of AS 9100.

The IQS EQMS solution streamlines, centralizes, and standardizes all aspects of your quality management system and AS 9100 compliance initiatives across the organization. This considerably reduces burdens of document tracking and retrieval, audit management, and managing nonconformances. In all respects, it shifts more power into your hands.

IQS offers the optimal solution for any aerospace and defense manufacturer aiming to stay ahead of the curve in a globally competitive industry.

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