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Has SaaS reached a tipping point in manufacturing?

If you choose to utilize software-as-a-service, you have to know how to quantify the value proposition of cloud-based applications. The benefits you can enjoy go far beyond cost considerations. For years, pundits have touted what can be accomplished with cloud computing. Today, the secrets to SaaS success and best practices have started to emerge.  Has SaaS reached a tipping point in manufacturing?Has SaaS reached a tipping point in manufacturing_IQS

In short, SaaS in manufacturing HAS reached a tipping point. Today, there are more mature cloud-based manufacturing solutions on the market than ever before, and momentum suggests the cloud will play an even greater role over the next few years.

A recent study by IDC anticipates that the market for public cloud alone will approach the $70 billion mark. Manufacturers account for a large portion of this figure as one of the top five industry verticals implementing cloud software.

You can view SaaS in 2015 as the tipping point when manufacturers began to adopt cloud solutions at a high rate as proven use cases and success stories came to light. A few years ago, a large portion of the manufacturing industry was essentially quite skeptical of the cloud, but today, more companies are taking the journey to the cloud with surprisingly innovative results.

SaaS secrets to success revealed

If you are not familiar with the benefits of the cloud, you are certainly not alone. There has been so much written about SaaS that it has become difficult to separate fact from fiction at a glance. Since SaaS is so easy to procure, buying power has shifted over to lines of business as opposed to IT. Here are a few innovative use cases that reveal what is possible with SaaS.

Suppliers as trusted partners

As a quality professional, you know quite well how a high-performing supplier can make your job easier. The beauty of cloud applications is that they are so readily accessed via secure Web portals to facilitate closer collaboration with your network of suppliers. As such, when you utilize SaaS to manage your supply chain management, you can build trusted partnerships with top performers that have a talent for exceeding expectations.

Paving the way for the Internet of Things

Also, SaaS and IoT technologies can complement one another. In manufacturing, IoT is gaining traction as companies use sensor technology in novel ways, such as tracking everything from business operations to packaging on the shop floor. The ability to share and disseminate critical information quickly is paramount, and you provide yourself more flexibility with a SaaS deployment in tandem with IoT solutions.  More about IoT in Quality

Taking worker productivity to the next level

SaaS allows your company to simplify its IT environment by opting for a hosted solution. Worker productivity has increased for companies that are using SaaS along with real-time analytics and mobile to optimize workflows and business processes. Some companies have literally started tracking every step their employees take to discover creative ways to be more productive.

When it comes to cloud solutions, you have to be able to separate fact from fiction and make a smart investment. You may not know that enterprise quality management software can also come in the SaaS variety, which makes this deployment model attractive for manufacturers in need of a versatile solution.

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Michael Rapaport

Michael Rapaport is the President of IQS, Inc. in Cleveland OH. Michael is responsible for enabling operational excellence across the company as well as building capabilities for IQS’s growth. Vision, strategic planning, and innovation are the cornerstone to Mike’s 30 years of leadership in the technology industry. He is passionate about data visibility and continuous improvement and believes in helping manufacturers save time and money with real technology solutions.



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