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Top trends in aerospace manufacturing_IQS

Top trends in aerospace manufacturing

Aerospace manufacturing constantly changes as new challenges emerge every day. Technology advancements and global politics dictate the industry’s direction moving forward. Here are three top trends in aerospace manufacturing to pay attention to and how they can be expected to affect industry growth. Technological Advancements As technology advances, customer demand for new aircraft increases. Improved […]

The skills gap in manufacturing_IQS

The skills gap in manufacturing

The skills gap in manufacturing As manufacturing becomes more dependent on the latest digital technology, there is a growing gap between the skills of employees and the skills necessary to achieve optimal production. Whether or not a company can overcome this issue depends on that company’s ability to properly train and retain its workforce. American […]

Four Trends Driving Auto Manufacturing

Four Trends Driving Auto Manufacturing

Despite growing pains over the past decade, the automotive manufacturing industry has remained the backbone of the global economy. The Big Three car makers experienced a record year in the US in 2016: GM: 10% growth (4.4% expected) Ford: 0.1% growth (-2.1% expected) Fiat Chrysler: -10% growth (-14% expected) Nevertheless, automobile manufacturers may soon find themselves at a crossroads. Consumer demand […]

Things to know about Industry 4.0_IQS

Things To Know About Industry 4.0

During industrialization revolution There have been many transitions from hand production to machine, which simplified tasks and increased efficiency in production. Then came the digital era where electronics and computers were used to automate industries to improve efficiency and increase the speed of production. Thanks to fast-evolving technology, today we have Industry 4.0. What is […]

Benefits of a hosted deployment model

Benefits of a hosted EQMS deployment

As time goes on, more and more software vendors are moving toward a subscription service model (aka Cloud or SaaS – Software as a Service). It is estimated that by 2020, more than 80 percent of software vendors will be using a subscription model of some sort. One of these models includes a hosted deployment where software […]

Coming around the turn-the IoT automobile factory_IQS

Coming around the turn-the IoT automobile factory

Much of today’s Internet of Things (IoT) conversation revolves around end-user products that will transform how consumers live their lives. An increasingly hot topic, however, is how the IoT is changing how the world manufactures its goods. The automotive manufacturing sector is one industry already transforming into an even leaner production machine because of IoT […]

High performance computing boosts manufacturing

High performance computing boosts manufacturing

High performance computing allows organizations (generally SMBs) to design and test product models virtually, reducing front-end development costs and achieving an “economy of scale” similar to that enjoyed by larger enterprises. No longer constrained by a lack of financial or workforce resources, organizations can move new and improved products to market faster, reduce their manufacturing […]

Top EHS Management Trends_IQS

Top EHS management trends

As the pace of technological expansion continues to increase, environment, health and safety (EHS) innovations in 2017 are expected to build on the successes of 2016. Big Data, analytics, everything-as-a-service and other digital ground-breakers are mainstream enough now to permeate the less obvious but equally important aspects of today’s businesses and industries. This year will […]

AS 9100 and ISO 9001 provide aerospace safety_IQS

AS 9100 and ISO 9001 provide aerospace safety

Aero-industry standards have been evolving since their introduction during World War II. Around the globe, aerospace manufacturers innovate parts, systems and other aeronautical elements as technology advances and the demand for faster, safer, more efficient aircraft increases. The standards included in ISO 9001 embody eight core quality management principles, which act as a common foundation for […]

Top Trends in Medical Device Manufacturing_IQS

Top trends in medical device manufacturing

The Medtech industry appears to be enthusiastically embracing the opportunities presented to it by the exploding digital universe. From Big Pharma adopting swallowable devices to improve medication delivery to automated “Internet of Things”-style devices transmitting patient data to remote medical teams, the trends in medical device development are changing the mechanisms and delivery of your future health […]


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