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Put the "E" in EQMS

Put the “E” in EQMS

Does your organization still use a paper-based quality management system? Even if you’ve managed to digitize most of your quality management processes, paper-based systems are the source of several disruptive pain points: Time-consumption: Quality managers and other employees will need to spend additional time chasing down paperwork to ensure a streamlined review cycle. This is […]

Benefits of a hosted deployment model_IQS

Benefits of a Hosted QMS Software

Determining the best software subscription service model can be challenging for manufacturers when evaluating quality management software (QMS). As software vendors are increasingly moving toward subscription service models (also known as software as a service or SaaS), it’s estimated that by 2020, more than 80 percent of software vendors will be using a subscription model. […]

Keys to Implementing a Quality Management System_IQS

Keys to Implementing a Quality Management System

Implementing a quality management system (QMS) can be challenging for an organization, but it is not an impossible task. Too often, manufacturers rush through the QMS implementation process, which inevitably leads to a poorly implemented and deployed system. Poorly implemented quality management systems can lock in inefficiencies, resulting in a lower-than-desired ROI. To avoid any […]

What is a quality management system (QMS)?_IQS

What is a quality management system (QMS)?

The term “high quality” is frequently used throughout all industries, and it’s a result that every customer desires. But, ensuring continuous quality improvements requires a specific set of quality standards along with relevant measurements (usually in the form of KPIs). Such a system will substantially improve efficiency, decrease costs, and align with the needs of […]

Eric Morris

IQS Appoints Eric Morris as Head of Product Management

Quality management veteran to accelerate product strategy and innovation Cleveland, OH – August 20, 2019 – IQS, a Cority company and leading provider of enterprise quality management software (QMS), today announced the appointment of Eric Morris as Head of Product Management. With more than 10 years of product strategy and development experience at prominent QMS […]

Blog Img_How to successfully automate quality control_IQS

How to successfully automate quality control

Performing quality control for an entire product run would be unrealistic with manual inspection. However, this level of quality control is needed if you want to prevent costly recalls, meet strict industry standards, or compete with other brands. Moving away from a quality control strategy that is based on sampling is possible if you successfully automate […]

8888_LNS Research Sustainable Growth via Profitable, High-Quality NPI_IQS

LNS Research shows how to achieve NPI success

LNS Research recently compiled a comprehensive study regarding new product introduction. Developing new products is the key to remaining competitive, growing and becoming an industry leader. However, the challenges that manufacturers encounter when developing and releasing new products are steeper than ever before. The study is a combination of two surveys that provide some insights […]

Blog Img_Use top quality management tools to ensure quality success_IQS

Use top quality management tools to ensure quality success

Effective quality management pays off in many ways, including happier, repeat customers, improved processes, and a better workplace culture. A variety of tools, such as the framework’s cost of quality (CoQ) and total quality management (TQM) and a powerful global quality management software system, can help you improve your quality management effectiveness while keeping up […]

Top five quality management technology trends

Top five quality management technology trends

Are you knowledgeable about the latest quality management technology trends? If not, this post will give you an update on the top five technology trends that you need to know. Given how much you have come to rely on enterprise software, you simply must be able to speak the same language as your colleagues in […]

Blog Img_Compliance Management Software Prevents Nonconformance_IQS

Compliance Management Software Prevents Nonconformance

Tracking and stopping nonconformance used to be a time-consuming procedure. Compliance management software helps you identify and correct problems faster than ever. How Compliance Management Software Prevents Nonconformance Nonconformance has plagued manufacturing since the beginning, and even today, as machinery becomes more precise, it still crops up as a regular problem. The costs of nonconformance, […]


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