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Nonconformance & CAPA Software

Manufacturers have been tracking and managing nonconformance procedures and Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) for decades. Doing so is not only a requirement in many highly-regulated environments, it’s also a necessary tool for reducing the cost of poor quality in process-heavy industries like automotive, aerospace and defense, oil & gas, and medical device.

The traditional methods for managing nonconformances and CAPA have lost their place in manufacturing. Companies competing at a global scale or in industries with complex products cannot continue to do so with disconnected, manual spreadsheet-based methods. These organizations need to take an automated, centralized, and standardized approach.

IQS delivers an integrated, real-time platform that consolidates the strengths of disparate nonconformance software, corrective action software, and issue tracking software on one unified EQMS solution.

Issue Tracking Software

Effective issue tracking is crucial to nonconformance and CAPA optimization. Distributed organizations typically lack standardization in this area, and consequently spend inordinate amounts of time overcoming redundancies and inefficiencies. IQS Issue Tracking Software solves this problem by streamlining nonconformance procedures from an enterprise-wide perspective.

IQS Issue Tracking Software eliminates the challenges of coordinating different classes of disparate quality management data from around the organization. It provides real-time data throughout the various stages of correcting nonconformances, while enabling quality management teams to adapt workflows to more rapidly solve nonconformance issues.

Nonconformance and CAPA Optimization

IQS takes manual and paper-based nonconformance and CAPA management methods out of the picture. It empowers professionals from the shop floor to the executive suite with the actionable information required to manage and prevent nonconformances.

Rules can be set on the integrated platform, so quality management personnel are given and assigned access to data at the appropriate stage of the nonconformance process. IQS equips key personnel with the ability to conduct root-cause analyses and then forward results to quality managers via a single system. The holistic solution helps global companies benefit from local problem solving and improvements.

From a management perspective, leadership at the plant level and higher can view nonconformance and CAPA data to identify trends in performance. This catalyzes continuous improvement efforts across the entire organization.

IQS Nonconformance/CAPA Software allows you to:

  • Define and analyze each nonconformance and assign risk priority numbers.
  • Ensure disposition efforts are effective by assigning responsibility for verification.
  • Provide automatic look-up of information regarding nonconformance from IQS Inspection/SPC allowing you to track the employee or supplier who produced the nonconforming product.
  • Integrate with email to provide serial and parallel workflow approval routing.

Key IQS Software System Functions


  • Plug and play, out-of-the-box functionality
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Easy configuration
  • Intelligent visual form builder templates and pre-configured reporting
  • Data visualization and analytics
  • Real-time notifications/validation
  • Cross browser compatible and mobile friendly
  • Collaboration at the form/record level
  • Comprehensive security and electronic signatures

Deployment Options

As cloud technology matures, you have a critical decision to make when deploying IQS’s enterprise quality management software. Deployment models most often discussed boil down to three options: Hosted, on-premise and hybrid cloud environments. The question is, which deployment option works best for you and all stakeholders too, including suppliers? Keep reading to understand the key differences between IQS’s offerings.



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