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Enterprise Quality Management and Compliance Software

Too many manufacturers are stuck operating like we’re living in the pre-smartphone era. Just as companies expect a certain standard of quality from their employees, the professionals that comprise that workforce have their own set of expectations for the technology and support given to do their jobs. For more than 28 years, IQS has been helping companies equip their employees with the tools needed to transform how they manage quality and compliance.

IQS Stands Out:

Flexible and intuitive

Quality and compliance may be a common goal for your organization, but we understand different professionals need different information and tools. Off the shelf, IQS delivers an easy-to-deploy solution built with user experience as a focus. The comprehensive solution has a consistent interface while allowing for role-based personalization. Our configurable reports and modifiable dashboards let professionals see what’s most meaningful to them.

Quality and compliance for the enterprise

Companies that prioritize quality have made great strides in reducing costs, winning new business, and driving innovation. But continuing on that path is becoming harder with outdated, disjointed systems. IQS works with global clients to develop an enterprise-wide quality and compliance hub. Our software enables you to streamline, standardize, and centralize quality and compliance data and processes. Our team is available in multiple languages and regions to help with the deployment and ramp-up processes.

Quality management throughout the supply chain

We understand closed-loop quality and the importance of getting things right from the start. IQS takes quality and compliance a step further with QMS Software and tools for communicating and collaborating with suppliers. Our supplier quality software helps you automate supplier data collection, maintain a digital traceability record, manage your risk and have a better relationship with your upstream partners.

Reducing the cost of quality at scale

Proactivity is vital to effective quality management. It requires visibility into quality and compliance at every phase of the product lifecycle. IQS enterprise quality management software acts as your intelligence gateway into global performance, showing you the who, what, where, when and why of all things quality. Got a nonconformance? Our comprehensive solution lets you dig into what happened, trigger a corrective action and prevent it at a global scale.

Rapid software implementation

We know that product and process quality waits for no one. In a matter of days or weeks—not months or years—we’ll have your enterprise quality management software solution delivering results and equipping your workforce with the tools needed to do their jobs. Our implementation team will set you up with everything needed to see both immediate and long-term results on your QMS software investment.

Unparalleled data collection and integration technology

Collecting and organizing all of the relevant quality and compliance data across your value chain is no easy task. We leverage our expansive experience with software integration to make sure you get the full picture of quality. Our specialists will help you streamline data from suppliers, design, production, delivery and customer feedback systems into your IQS platform.


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