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About IQS

The First to Put You First: About IQS

Founded in 1988 on the principles of exceptional quality management and software, IQS has been transforming the way the world’s top manufacturers operate for 30 years.

We’re continually evolving our technology to provide the most reliable and flexible solutions for each industry we serve. Our web-based enterprise software easily integrates into your operation, so you can achieve industry registration faster, increase profitability, and be competitive.

This software model provides an enterprise-wide framework that manages compliance with multiple government regulations, quality standards, and compliance mandates. Our goal is to reduce risk, while improving visibility among key aspects of your business processes and performance.

Every IQS client has an integrated data hub with actionable insight into performance and risk-related metrics, giving them real-time updates on their production.

Our unwavering dedication to enabling superior quality management and compliance year over year has ensured IQS customers have the tools and data needed to stand out in today’s global economy.


  • Efficient and robust regulatory, industry and customer compliance
  • Performance visibility and analysis for the enterprise
  • Closed-loop collaboration and traceability throughout the value chain
  • Best practice based tools for rapid deployment
  • Intuitive, user-centric design to accelerate adoption
  • Engage all stakeholders and transform quality culture

“I recommend IQS to any organization that is looking to make a transition to a unified EQMS.”
— Anton G., Manager, Corporate Quality US Tusbaki



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