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Aerospace & Defense Challenges

The challenges of developing and executing new IT solutions for the aerospace and defense quality management systems are numerous. Conducting a thorough first article inspection is merely one of a myriad of such challenges when coordinating operations with aerospace and defense manufacturers worldwide. The problem of training employees to overcome the unforeseen obstacles of an increasingly competitive global industry presents an even greater challenge. Adhering to regulatory compliance standards only complicates quality assurance challenges further. To overcome these three challenges, you require integrated IT solutions that are unique to the global aerospace and defense industry.

First Article InspectionIQS Sample First Article Inspection Report

In the aerospace and defense industry, a properly performed first article inspection can unearth any number of your products’ process and nonconformity issues. Satisfying contractual obligations to execute the specific engineering and design elements of your products requires smart IT solutions that streamline the inspection process as thoroughly as possible. Products deemed nonconforming by a first article inspection can offset the scheduled completion of your small and large-scale aerospace and defense projects alike.

Compiling requisite documentation presents a unique issue when submitting first article inspection reports. Even with the availability of sophisticated IT environments, paper-driven quality control systems remain problematic when analyzing system inefficiency. Manufacturing and testing procedures alone must be accounted for and listed according to all constituent elements, including sub-assemblies. Disclosing all your non-conformance documentation is another challenge to overcome, too. IQS offers you an integrated software solution to the challenge of properly documenting first article inspection.

Employee Skills and Training

The human resource challenges of the aerospace and defense industry are unique. In 2007, the Aerospace Industries Association published statistics showing that nearly 60 percent of the aerospace workforce in the U.S. was over the age of 45. As these employees begin to exit your workforce upon retirement, you must find new strategies to develop skills and train the next generation of employees. Accomplishing this goal requires leveraging existing and innovative IT resources to maximize the efficiency of your skill training programs.

Products developed in the aerospace and defense industry have a lifecycle measured in decades. To bring your new workers up to speed, you must turn towards developing novel knowledge management systems. Workforce transition programs and long-term succession planning are two other solutions to the “knowledge gap” challenge. The IQS IT solution gives you the flexibility to implement tailored employee skills and training programs that are unique to the aerospace and defense industry.

AS 9100 Regulatory Compliance

Complying with constantly evolving regulatory standards requires you to remain vigilant and proactive. AS 9100 expands upon ISO 9000 standards, pertaining to the aerospace and defense industry specifically. As such, you face new compliance challenges with each iteration of all AS 9100 standards. Uniformity within the aerospace and defense industry has been a long-standing problem. Balancing the cost of quality issues with the challenge of meeting regulatory compliance standards remains difficult to achieve in an increasingly competitive global economic environment. With each technology refresh, regulatory compliance has become more complicated, requiring creative IT solutions to execute compliance initiatives. IQS’ software solution allows you to accommodate the unique quality and safety assurance standards specific to the aerospace and defense industry.

First article inspections, employee training programs and complying with AS 9100 standards remain a constant challenge in the global aerospace and defense industry. By offering an integrated software solution, IQS provides you with a novel, flexible platform to meet these three challenges proactively.


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