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Quality Management for Automotive

Because of social connectivity and the viral nature of news, a misstep or oversight in quality management for automotive could have global implications in a matter of minutes. High-profile recalls in recent years have shown that in the automotive industry, there is no room for error. All things considered, today’s manufacturers experience a regulatory environment that reaches new heights on a regular basis. That trend seems to only be accelerating. And as we usher in a new era of innovation in automotive, quality and compliance will take center stage.quality management for automotive _IQS

Although global automotive manufacturers leverage thousands of supplier relationships, quality is measured by the average end-user based on the final product. In other words, suppliers way up the supply chain have to be as cognizant about quality as industry giants. The focus on quality in automotive manufacturing is apparent in the prevalence of IATF 16949 certification requirements—particularly among suppliers. Today, the ability to demonstrate precise quality and compliance is the entry fee to being considered as a supplier in the first place. IATF Software can help.

Automotive manufacturers have an incredible opportunity to go beyond simply meeting IATF industry standards. What’s stopping that, however, is that companies of all sizes are most comfortable sticking with the status quo, which often means doing the bare minimum to demonstrate compliance or allowing siloed quality management efforts from engineering to production and throughout the value chain. It also means a lack of standardization, because companies that have grown either through acquisition or had organic growth globally have allowed for local functional differences in quality management.

Quality and Compliance in the Automotive Industry: IATF 16949 Software

Quality management as a competitive advantage is attainable with the right culture, system, and technology in place. IQS has translated deep automotive industry expertise into a modern, fully integrated enterprise quality management software solution. It is built for end-to-end manufacturing and geared toward empowering professionals across the organization with actionable tools and intelligence needed to ensure quality from the start—on one unified platform.

With an automotive-focused QMS Software including document control, audits, analytics, CAPA workflows, training, and supplier quality functions, as well as quality-focused SPC, PPAP, and FMEA, IQS makes sure you stay at the top of the preferred vendor list.

You can’t effectively operate without IQS’s enterprise approach to quality management and compliance. Learn why you can’t manage IATF 16949 Compliance without IQS software.


IQS yields actionable insight into performance, cost of quality and risk-related metrics including real-time visibility on supplier quality, production and customer satisfaction. All things to help you maintain a competitive advantage. Here is a sampling of IQS customers in this industry who trust IQS for their quality management and compliance software needs.

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Quality 4.0 Impact and Strategy Handbook

Getting Digitally Connected to Transform Quality Management

The Quality 4.0 strategy encompasses 11 key axes of quality management, from leadership and collaboration to technology and process management.  LNS provides use cases to highlight exactly how to approach quality management in light of digital disruption.

Supplier Quality Management

A Winning Approach to SQM

This E-Book covers these main topics:

  1. Manage Supplier Quality Metrics to Lift Your Success
  2. Strong Foundations Through Stringent Supplier Onboarding
  3. The Value in Supplier Partnerships
  4. Forming Excellent Supplier Partnerships


Quality is more than a department; it is a necessity to thrive in a globalized supply chain that stretches from Tokyo to Detroit. Without end-to-end quality management at every point of contact in the automotive supply chain, your company may continue to struggle to achieve real-time visibility into key quality metrics and performance indicators.


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