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Benefits of a Hosted QMS Software

Written by: Karleen Radke

Benefits of a Hosted QMS Software

Determining the best software subscription service model can be challenging for manufacturers when evaluating quality management software (QMS). As software vendors are increasingly moving toward subscription service models (also known as software as a service or SaaS), it’s estimated that by 2020, more than 80 percent of software vendors will be using a subscription model.

One of these subscription models includes a browser-based, hosted software where software is maintained on the vendor’s servers, and the customer accesses the application remotely. When it comes to QMS software, there are clear advantages of the hosted software model. Here’s why you should choose IQS hosted software solutions for quality management.


Hosted software enables vendors to quickly and easily keep customers’ software applications up-to-date. Because vendors host the application, they can control both the timing and method of update roll-outs. This is helpful from a customer support standpoint because it ensures that customers and providers are always using the same software version. Because they control the timing of updates, vendors are able to keep their development cycles shorter and release new features (or bug fixes if any customers need them) more quickly.

Keeping software up-to-date is as much of a benefit for customers as it is for providers. Customers will always have access to new features as they are released without needing to take time to install updates on their own. This consistency makes working with global colleagues easier since everyone has exactly the same features available and no one can fall behind due to lack of updating.


One of the more appealing aspects of hosted software is that the software provider takes on the burden of IT management. The customer gains access to the software provider’s IT staff for a fraction of the cost of maintaining their own. With a hosted software solution, you won’t need to worry about:

  • Installing the software.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest hardware.
  • Handling disaster recovery if a server breaks down.
  • Hiring and training a full-fledged IT team.
  • Scheduling software maintenance repairs, including budgeting overtime if updates need to take place during off hours.
  • Maintaining server security.
  • Extended support availability.

These benefits do not replace an IT department, but they do allow the customer’s IT department to focus on improving their own products and services. By freeing up time and allowing them to concentrate more on their tasks and less on keeping the physical server infrastructure working, their boost in productivity can even pay back some of the cost of the hosted software solution. Additionally, the hosted software cost is fixed, which gives the customer greater insight into what their IT budget is accomplishing.


Adoption of hosted software is a driving force behind increased worker productivity and satisfaction. Worker productivity has increased for companies that are using SaaS hosted software to optimize workflows and business processes. Operationally speaking, browser-based EQMS software can provide you with the agility you need to do your job more efficiently on the run. Since hosted software solutions are accessible via a web-browser, they can be accessed regardless of the network you are using.


Another advantage of the hosted software model is that it’s readily accessed via secure Web portals to facilitate closer collaboration and communication with your external network of suppliers, customers, and even remote workers.


With data breaches seeming to make headlines every day, data security is mission critical in today’s organizations. IQS makes data security our top priority with our hosted software solutions.


IQS offers a hosted QMS software model to provide a secure, scalable, and highly available environment for your QMS. We’ll work with you to implement your QMS software, provide the necessary training, and ensure that your QMS software is maintained and secure. Contact IQS today to learn more about our hosted EQMS software model.