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There’s no better source of feedback than from your customers. In many cases, they’re already providing unsolicited feedback in the form of complaints. But in traditional, disconnected business settings these complaints sometimes don’t go anywhere beyond account managers or customer relationship management software.

Complaints are often regarding issues outside of manufacturing and engineering’s control, such as products being damaged during the delivery process. However, complaints could also revolve around product defects or parts or components produced out of specification—valuable information for any proactive organization.Process_Transforming your customer complaint process_IQS

Manufacturing as well as product design and engineering could garner powerful insights from customer complaints and feedback. In a perfect (closed-loop quality management) world, every customer complaint would be routed directly to manufacturing or engineering, so the issue could be investigated and resolved in as close to real time as possible.

Complaint Management with IQS

Effective complaint management is a staple in continuous improvement. Companies capable of capitalizing on feedback can take their process improvement initiatives to new heights. IQS Complaint Management Software delivers an industry-leading approach to complaint tracking and resolution.

IQS Complaint Management Software enables manufacturers operating in multiple geographic regions or with numerous production sites to record incidents, facilitate investigations as needed, report results, and close cases on a single QMS Software platform.

It eliminates any disconnect for quality and compliance at the end of the product lifecycle. Right on the front-line, personnel can input data into an intuitive platform that responds dynamically with auto-fill capabilities and predefined dropdown capabilities. The solution uses automation to streamline communication and notify relevant personnel with risk-based incident reports.

IQS Complaint Management Software also provides dashboards, so managers and executives can drill down into broader trends in customer complaints, in an effort to identify areas of risk and where additional resources may be required for root cause investigations. By integrating with the IQS Enterprise Quality Management and Compliance Software platform, Complaint Management Software works seamlessly with IQS Corrective and Preventive Actions Software and other modules.

IQS Customer Complaint Tracking Software allows you to:

  • Manage your customers’ information, contacts, correspondence and more to help foster communication and collaboration not only with your customers but within your company
  • Integrate the process with other business systems such as ERP to connect complaints with customer lists, part numbers, and more
  • Integrate each step within the customer complaint tracking process into a contained solution from input to disposition
  • Analyze trends and conduct root-cause analysis to foster improved customer satisfaction

Key IQS Software System Functions


  • Plug and play, out-of-the-box functionality
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Easy configuration
  • Intelligent visual form builder templates and pre-configured reporting
  • Data visualization and analytics
  • Real-time notifications/validation
  • Cross browser compatible and mobile friendly
  • Collaboration at the form/record level
  • Comprehensive security and electronic signatures

Cloud-based, hosted EQMS

IQS’s browser-based EQMS resides safely in a highly secure environment to deliver these top benefits:

  • Up to date software features and functions
  • Improved reliability and less redundancy
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Thorough disaster recovery

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