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LNS Research SQMs Rightful Role in Your Enterprise_IQS

SQM’s Rightful Role in Your Enterprise

SQM demands leadership attention and action. Readers will learn:

  • The current state of SQM
  • How to gauge maturity of SQM
  • Which best practices provide the largest advantage
  • What Digital Transformation is and why it’s transforming SQM
  • Competitive advantages gained through technologies like EQMS, Cloud and IIoT
  • Which SQM best practices are most effective to manage risks

The Holy Grail of Quality E-Book_IQS

The Holy Grail of Quality

Visibility, measurable, real-time performance and the ability to go
beyond compliance with EQMS. IQS answers these questions:

  • How do manufacturers keep up in today’s market?
  • Why do some organizations struggle to manage quality?
  • What is the future of quality management software?
  • What are some misconceptions & benefits  surrounding EQMS?

Supplier Quality Management-A Winning Approach to SQM E-Book_IQS

Supplier Quality Management: A Winning Approach to SQM

This free E-Book from IQS, Inc. covers these main topics:

  • Manage Supplier Quality Metrics to Lift Your Success — Ultimately, the responsibility for the finished product rests with your company.
  • Strong Foundations Through Stringent Supplier Onboarding  —  Build a strong foundation between your company and your suppliers to ensure healthy growth and productivity.
  • The Value in Supplier Partnerships — Your suppliers are integral to the success of your finished product and your company’s success story.
  • Forming Excellent Supplier Partnerships — Do  you offer visibility to your suppliers on their product quality?


Quality Management in the Board Room: Building the Executive Business Case for EQMS

Quality leaders often lack the foundational frameworks and evidence necessary to build a compelling business case to garner the executive commitment necessary to build truly world class quality.

Access this NEW eBook where we will dive into deeper depths of the Quality Management research study, and identify best practices for building a business case around quality management to gain executive sponsorship by answering these and other questions:  Read More

  • What financial frameworks can be used to describe the connection between quality operations, executive priority, value, and costs?
  • What evidence exists that correlates specific quality practices and processes with corporate goals and financial metrics?
  • What actions should quality leaders take to improve the perceived value of quality?



Manufacturing Metrics in an IoT World

Manufacturing is changing rapidly. New technology advancements around the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Cloud, Big Data Analytics, and Mobility are converging to enable an increasing amount and type of data from all parts of the enterprise. This deluge of information presents tremendous opportunity for manufacturing improvements but also new challenges in distilling it into actionable intelligence.  The 2015-2016 Metrics that Matter study investigates the levels of awareness and deployment around IIoT and Cloud software, the current state of analytics capabilities, and which metrics companies are successfully leveraging today in their pursuit of Operational Excellence.


EQMS Solution Selection Best Practices for Global Enterprises

LNS Research’s Quality Management research study revealed that 78% of companies are operating in a state of quality management disconnect. The reality is that every organization—especially large, global ones—should be staying up to date with modern quality management technology. Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) consolidates disparate IT systems and data sources into a singular, holistic solution. This platform approach to quality delivers deep visibility into quality performance and fosters cross-functional interaction.

The selection of an EQMS solution is a complex undertaking that demands multi-level, multi-regional, cross-functional, and inter-departmental collaboration. There are many pitfalls and challenges throughout the selection process.

LNS Research Closed-Loop Quality Management Connecting the Value Chain_IQS

Closed-Loop Quality Management: Connecting the Value Chain

Today’s quality leaders are more hard-pressed than ever to improve costs, mitigate risks, and meet compliance—but research shows they’re attempting to do so with a disconnected set of resources. In fact, 78% of companies in a recent survey reported operating in a state of quality management disconnect. On the other hand, market leaders are leaving these outdated resources behind. 22% reported having an integrated, closed-loop environment for managing quality. These companies are leveraging next-generation technology and strategies, putting even more space between them and the remainder of competitors. Read More

This eBook is for executives and senior quality leaders interested in learning about closed-loop quality management. It covers the following:

  • Why the traditional approach to quality needs to be updated
  • How to support people and processes with next-generation technology
  • A roadmap for building closed-loop quality management processes



Best Practices for Managing Supplier Performance

This free E-Book from IQS, Inc. covers the emerging principles of closed-loop quality management and its positive impact on supplier performance. Closed-loop quality management — the concept of coalescing all aspects of quality management throughout the value chain.

This E-Book highlights a selection of the most important aspects of managing the performance of a complex supply chain from the perspective of closed-loop quality management including:  Read More

  1. Why should you focus on supplier performance?
  2. Reviewing your supplier evaluation strategy
  3. What data should you collect from suppliers?
  4. Managing supplier issues with nonconformance and CAPA integration
  5. Accountability in a closed-loop quality management system
  6. Using scorecards to nurture continuously improving, closed-loop supplier quality management processes



Surviving Internal Quality Audits

Internal quality audits rank among the most important quality management priorities your organization needs to address so as to intercept non-compliance issues proactively and to lower cost of quality throughout the enterprise. Effective quality auditing from a first-party perspective depends on negotiating both the known and the unforeseen pitfalls of quality management. Your industry-specific regulatory pressures are very important as well. This e-book will provide you and your organization guidance on surviving the internal quality audit process from inception to fruition. Today, organizations are adopting a risk-based approach to internal auditing, which seeks to bring a codified, disciplined strategy to quality management from an enterprise-wide perspective.  Chapters include: Read More

  • Purpose of conducting Internal Quality Audits
  • Defining External and Internal Pressures
  • Main Focal Points to Include in an Internal Quality Audit
  • The Top Failures to Guard Against
  • How IQS can Help



Managing Documentation within a Quality Management System

An integrated EQMS system is a key enabler of an ideal, holistic document management solution. Workflow efficiency and compliance standards are just a few of the many reasons to install such a system. Managing quality-related documentation from an enterprise-wide perspective can actually save your company money over the long term and provide an attractive ROI. Some manufacturers have already successfully deployed document management systems and reported saving significant amounts of money on expenses tied to paper-driven document management practices. Chapters include: Read More

  • Why your company should consider investing in document management software in the first place;
  • The top five benefits of sound document management software;
  • The potential pitfalls to guard against; and
  • Seven must-have features to look for in your document management software.



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