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Employee Training empowers your workforce

In today’s digitally connected world, it is time to leave outdated methods for managing the skills and training of your employees at the door. Knowledgeable employees have been, and will continue to be, vital resources for manufacturers worldwide. The best machinery and most well planned quality processes would be worthless without a competent, skilled workforce.  Employee training empowers your workforce.IQS Employee Training empowers your workforce

If you operate in a highly regulated industry, such as medical device manufacturing, you have a unique challenge to optimize manufacturing processes and ensure quality in the face of dynamic compliance requirements. A simple update to your quality management system could bring production to a crawl if your workforce is unprepared. This untenable situation has unfortunately become the norm for many companies that rely on ad-hoc training strategies.

With due diligence and the right software in place, training can actually accelerate quality and compliance. If you develop the capability to keep employees up to date on your quality management system, work instructions and SOPs, you will position your company to exceed customer expectations and grow at a faster pace.

Employee training empowers your workforce

Integrated within the IQS enterprise quality management software, IQS Employee Training equips you with everything you need to track, audit and effectively monitor aptitude of your personnel. This enterprise approach allows you to manage individual, departmental and regional expertise, as well as skills and competencies.

IQS Employee Training does more than streamline the on-boarding process for new employees; it also allows you to amplify your continuous improvement efforts with automated training notifications to update employee certifications. You can use this tool to conduct spot audits of team members, or set up periodic assessments to manage employee skills.

In manufacturing, knowledge drain has become a serious problem for companies trying to develop a skilled, industry leading workforce. As an example, 29 percent of the entire aerospace and defense workforce is eligible for retirement in 2016. That being said, how will you ensure that your company does not lose vital knowledge that seasoned employees will take with them into retirement?

How it works

IQS Employee Training maintains a complete inventory of employee education levels, job descriptions and certification records. As IQS is a fully integrated EQMS, you can utilize information from IQS Employee Training to support risk mitigation, compliance and efficiency goals. The software prevents employees without the proper credentials (e.g., security level) from being assigned certain tasks.

With IQS Employee Training, you can deploy a comprehensive training program aimed at developing and empowering employees with vital skills. You can implement new technology faster while minimizing operating costs. In automotive, medical device manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and oil and gas, global competitiveness demands no less.

Five key features of IQS Employee Training

IQS Employee Training allows you to:

  • Create a single interface to develop and manage training initiatives across the board.
  • Leverage integration with ERP to drill down to individual employee performance.
  • Harmonize job descriptions with worker skills and document control processes, including revision control.
  • Track employees’ personal information, job descriptions, past jobs, competencies and qualifications to prevent knowledge drain proactively.
  • Quiz employees to document that they have met training requirements.

Since IQS Employee Training has been integrated with a full-featured EQMS, you can accomplish much more to support quality initiatives across the enterprise.  Plus, integration with your current business systems make consistency and information flow possible.

Your workforce is the heart of your company. With IQS Employee Training, you can ensure that your employees continue to perform at the highest level.


Michael Rapaport

Michael Rapaport is the President of IQS, Inc. in Cleveland OH. Michael is responsible for enabling operational excellence across the company as well as building capabilities for IQS’s growth. Vision, strategic planning, and innovation are the cornerstone to Mike’s 30 years of leadership in the technology industry. He is passionate about data visibility and continuous improvement and believes in helping manufacturers save time and money with real technology solutions.



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