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There is perhaps no other environment that could benefit from granular data more than the manufacturing shop floor. However, the depth of data has to be balanced with accessibility and its integrity. In highly-regulated industries like aerospace and defense, medical device, oil & gas, and automotive, these types of in-process and inspection data points are the lifeblood of quality and compliance initiatives.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is essential for delivering the information quality management and compliance professionals need to make actionable adjustments and improvements at the speed of production. Equally important is the ability to complete thorough inspection plans that satisfy regulatory standards at a low cost.

As part of IQS Enterprise Quality Management Software, the integrated solution satisfies these two critical elements of efficient quality management systems.

Inspection Software

Effective inspections are key to improving the cost of quality. From receiving through production and delivery, there are almost unlimited aspects that could be monitored and controlled with inspections. In fact, there are far too many to not be leveraging modern technology to facilitate this process.

IQS Inspection Software can store an unlimited amount of user-defined inspection characteristics at each stage of the product lifecycle. The software also allows manufacturers to track revision levels and change histories after previous inspections to provide personnel with a broader view of a product’s quality. A simplified user interface for shop floor data collection promotes user adoption.

SPC Software

From managing appraisal costs, to avoiding errors and inefficiencies, validating data, and producing accurate records on demand, manufacturers have a lot on their plate. IQS SPC Software is engineered to take these burdens off of organizations.

Manufacturers use this solution to automate required SPC actions such as collecting data, defining sampling plans, accommodating new supplier performance data, integrating data with legacy systems and creating various SPC charts automatically.

IQS SPC Software also creates visualizations from inspection data and revisions automatically, giving manufacturers the flexibility needed to quickly respond and adapt to change requests. Manufacturers can create reports on demand and generate PPAP dimensional results as needed.

Inspection results and SPC data both integrate with other IQS modules to provide manufacturers with an agile, complete quality management software solution. Particular results from inspections or SPC can trigger quality management processes from other parts of the system, creating the coveted closed-loop quality environment many manufacturers are after.

IQS Inspection and SPC Software allows you to:

  • Validate that you are collecting data on the correct inspection plan and the correct revision of a print.
  • Alert operators with an NCM Warning for out-of-spec results and post a nonconformance record with a single mouse click.
  • Utilize skip-lot function which loads appropriate plans for an operator and then automatically promotes or demotes based on results.
  • Create charts from inspection and revision data automatically, allowing the flexibility necessary to respond to change requests quickly.

Key IQS Software System Functions


  • Plug and play, out-of-the-box functionality
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Easy configuration
  • Intelligent visual form builder templates and pre-configured reporting
  • Data visualization and analytics
  • Real-time notifications/validation
  • Cross browser compatible and mobile friendly
  • Collaboration at the form/record level
  • Comprehensive security and electronic signatures

Cloud-based, hosted EQMS

IQS’s browser-based EQMS resides safely in a highly secure environment to deliver these top benefits:

  • Up to date software features and functions
  • Improved reliability and less redundancy
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Thorough disaster recovery

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