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Compliance Management Software Prevents Nonconformance

Tracking and stopping nonconformance used to be a time-consuming procedure. Compliance management software helps you spot and stop problems faster than ever. How Compliance Management Software Prevents Nonconformance Nonconformance has plagued manufacturing since the beginning, and even today, as machinery becomes more precise, it still crops up as a regular problem. The costs of nonconformance, […]

Top ISO 9001 Failures

ISO 9001:2015 is the international standard that outlines what requirements a quality management system (QMS) must meet in order for an organization to be ISO 9001 certified. Adopting QMS is a strategic decision for an organization because it can help to improve its overall performance and provide a sound basis for sustainable development initiatives. Certification […]

Successfully managing a global supplier network

Is managing a global supplier network a tangled dark web? Have you been struggling to reduce costs and improve collaboration with disparate suppliers in very different parts of the globe? Addressing quality issues with your suppliers can be challenging, especially if you are managing disparate businesses throughout the world. One approach to addressing these problems […]

The best EQMS solution for manufacturing_IQS

The best EQMS solution for manufacturing

Enterprise quality management software is a must-have tool to achieve operational excellence. However, choosing the right EQMS solution for your organization can be a daunting task given the wide range of options available.  The best EQMS solution for manufacturing should connect different production elements, centralize data and extract valuable insights that will help you maximize […]

AI and Aerospace and Defense

Research powerhouse Gartner estimates that artificial intelligence will generate over $1 trillion in value to businesses in 2018, possibly reaching a staggering $3.9 trillion by 2022. AI, machine-based learning that utilizes human intelligence functionalities like planning, problem-solving, and reasoning, can process massive datasets to obtain insights and train itself to provide useful information. Few other […]

quality management systems 101_IQS

Quality Management Systems 101

Quality management encompasses an organization’s driving philosophy on the standards that it holds itself to for the products and services delivered to customers. A quality management systems or QMS is the framework for ensuring that quality objectives and procedures are standardized, communicated and made responsive to customer demands. This quality management systems 101 summary highlights what […]

How to address quality issues efficiently

Quality issues resulting in a major product return could reduce profitability by 3.8 percent on average, without mentioning the damage done to your brand’s reputation. It is possible to prevent or at least limit damages by developing a framework your organization can follow to address quality issues efficiently. Limit damages Quality issues should be addressed with a […]

Why quality 4.0 in the oil & gas industry is necessary

Volatility in the global oil and gas market and the availability of new technology has prompted calls for companies to migrate to a new phase of quality control – Quality 4.0 in the oil & gas industry. Many firms have found success in targeting this new quality perspective in their supply chains. A review of […]

How to improve your quality standards

Your quality standards should detail the procedures to follow to achieve a satisfactory outcome when you offer a product or deliver a service. Your standards should be consistence, precise and ideally exceed customers’ expectations. Here is how you can improve your quality standards. Use the data available to you Data from your customer service department […]

Moving from reactive quality to predictive quality

Your quality strategy shouldn’t be limited to how your organization reacts to quality issues. Predictive quality is the key to achieving consistent results and positioning yourself as a reliable product or service provider. You can switch from reactive quality to predictive quality by learning how to get the most out of your quality control analytics. […]


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