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Digital transformation 101

Digital transformation is taking manufacturing by storm, which is unusual for this field where change tends to happen at a slow pace. In 2016, $178 billion were invested in the “internet of things” and more companies are looking to switch to these newer technologies to remain competitive and to achieve operational excellence. Understanding the digital thread Digital […]

Blog Img_Risk-based thinking in ISO 9001 Is your organization ready_IQS

Risk-based thinking in ISO 9001: Is your organization ready?

Most in manufacturing are by now aware that ISO 9001 was changed in 2015. These revisions affect quality management standards that were deemed incompatible with rapidly evolving business needs. The final version was released in September 2015 and organizations have until September 2018 to fully implement the changes to their work process. With full implementation required in […]

Blog Img_How quality management changed in 2017_IQS

Quality management in 2017

Manufacturing has been one of the top industries for growth this year with an average of 16,000 new jobs being created each month in 2017. This is also an industry that is rapidly changing, thanks to new technologies, and a lot of these changes are taking place in quality management systems. A lot of the trends that […]

Blog Img_Pay attention to AS9100D and the aviation, space and defense market_IQS

Pay attention to AS9100D and the aerospace and defense market

The aerospace and defense market is on a roll. Aircraft backorders are at an all-time high at almost $2 trillion level. Notably the U.S. has approved a $700B defense budget for next year. For those with an appetite for extraterrestrial business, the $300B+ market therein is also set to grow substantially in the near term […]

Blog Img_Medical device compliance 101_IQS

Medical device compliance 101

The Medical Device Amendments of 1976 regulates consumer access to new and improved devices, while keeping unsafe or ineffective ones off the market. Medical device compliance standards are overseen by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which conducts reviews through its Center for Devices and Radiological Health. Device manufacture is complex, but modern software tools […]


IQS Partners with Darwino to Modernize and Mobilize Quality Management Systems

New partnership enables manufacturing professionals to seamlessly migrate quality management databases from IBM® Notes® to the industry-leading IQS Trubox™ platform   Cleveland, OH, Dec. 12, 2017 — IQS, a Cority company and leading provider of enterprise quality management software (EQMS) solutions, today announced a partnership with Darwino, a full-stack enterprise application development platform, to streamline how manufacturers manage […]

Blog Img_Machine learning in manufacturing_IQS

Machine learning in manufacturing

Artificial intelligence has been advancing by leaps and bounds. Computers can now process and translate languages, detect objects, identify faces and so much more. AI and machine learning are going to revolutionize manufacturing, and companies could be spending as much as $47 billion on these technologies by 2020. Read on for more information on machine learning in […]

Quality 4.0 is a digital strategy for quality management success_IQS

Quality 4.0 is a digital strategy for quality management success

Is your business leading the 4th Industrial Revolution or getting out played by competitors who have already implemented digital solutions? While many companies are including technology-driven solutions with their corporate objectives, they are often overlooking the necessity of pairing innovation and a digital strategy for quality management. The fast-paced change of technology challenges even the […]

Control supplier quality with EQMS_IQS

Control supplier quality with EQMS

Airbus SE recently made the headlines after terrifying footage of a motor disintegrating in mid-flight surfaced. Boeing faced a somewhat similar situation a few years ago when the company had to temporarily ground every 787 jet after a battery fire erupted on a plane in Boston and a smoldering battery disrupted a flight headed toward Japan. The problem came […]

Quality 4.0 helps leaders benefit from technology_IQS

Quality 4.0 helps leaders benefit from technology

Is your company grappling with the hard-hitting waves of technological disruption? Simply using technology at your business does not ensure success. Apps are a particularly useful example of technology that fails to live up to its hype: Only 200 apps out of around 1.6 million enjoy a whopping 70% of use. IQS understands that the responsibilities of […]


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