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Deadline looming for ISO 9001:2015 compliance

Manufacturers are aware of the September 2018 deadline for incorporating ISO 9001:2015 compliance changes. If you are resisting the change because you see it as a burden, IQS can help. Here is a quick overview of the requirements, and tips on how to quickly determine what changes your organization needs to make. Organizations have until […]

The state of automotive quality_IQS

The state of automotive quality

The global automotive industry is steadily growing and has broken new boundaries in recent years. Reports show that the production and sales of automobiles is booming in China. The state of automotive quality in industry in North America continues to make a strong recovery while car manufacturers in Europe have begun to post record profits. […]

Creating a Culture of Quality_IQS

Creating a culture of quality

By one account, more than one in five consumers post complaints online about poor quality goods, even while market demands to maintain or improve product quality escalate. In many companies, lax or inefficient quality production metrics are often the consequence of equally lax or even non-existent quality standards throughout corporate culture. Read on to learn […]

Will changes to NAFTA impact automotive quality

Trade deals have been a signature talking point for President Trump. Currently, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFT) is being renegotiated and a new version of this pact could transform the automotive supply chain. The latest news on NAFTA NAFTA re-negotiations between the United States, Canada, and Mexico began in August 2017. The seventh […]

Supplier audits reveal and solve concerns

You already know that your spectacular proprietary product is the culmination of the highest quality parts and materials coupled with exceptional design and workmanship. But what if you have quality concerns with current suppliers or you had to find a new supplier for one or more of those materials? How do you evaluate where problems […]

Bringing quality management insights to enhance employee training

Your best opportunity to rise above your competition is to offer the highest quality goods and services in your market. However, improving that quality often means making significant investments in new machines or processes. Smarter companies put their money into their best asset – their staff – to enhance both productivity and product quality.  Quality […]

How to develop a scalable quality management system

How to develop a scalable quality management system

To consistently meet customers’ expectations (in terms of quality of products or services) and enhance their satisfaction, companies need to implement a scalable quality management system. These systems are made up of key businesses processes and policies that focus on realizing the organization’s overall objectives and maintaining a minimum level of acceptable quality. In the […]

Quality suffers from operational architecture inefficiencies

Quality suffers from operational architecture inefficiencies

The operational architecture is a critical component of any business as it provides the organization the technology as well as systems needed to function. The leaders at LNS Research compiled a list of standard errors related to operational architecture that can cause critical mistakes. In addition to showing you what errors to avoid, this information […]

Blog Img_The focus on customer experience_IQS

The focus on customer experience

Very successful businesses know not only how to perform good customer service, but also how to turn even the worst customer experience into a learning and building exercise. In order to do so, they must gather actionable customer feedback from a variety of sources, including communication with customer support representatives and social media interactions. This […]

Blog Img_Embracing the evolution of ISO 13485_IQS

Embracing the evolution of ISO 13485

Even if your medical device manufacturing company isn’t required to comply with the International Standards Organization regulation 13485 (ISO 13485), best business practices indicate that doing so offers your corporation both consumer and regulatory benefits. The provision pertains to using a “quality management system” to ensure the safety and quality of medical devices. The ISO […]


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