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Supplier Scorecard Facts_IQS

Supplier Scorecard Facts

The effectiveness of a supplier scorecard is a topic that manufacturing experts continue to debate. To cut through the hype, you should keep in mind the overall positive correlation between supplier performance and scorecards.  There are some supplier scorecard facts to consider. Sherry Gordon, one of today’s industry-leading experts on evaluating supplier performance, has written extensively […]

Reducing Costs Due to Poor Supplier Quality

Reducing Costs Due to Poor Supplier Quality

You already know that cost of quality is one of the most holistic — but difficult to benchmark — metrics. One school of thought distills cost of quality into two broad components: cost of good quality and cost of poor quality. With respect to the cost of poor quality, costs due to poor supplier quality […]

Improving Supplier Relationships_IQS

Improving Supplier Relationships

As with interpersonal relationships, improving supplier relationships hinges on fostering better communication. How to actually achieve this improved communication is the difficult part of the problem. Today, technology is proving to be a key enabler of improved supplier relationships.  Identify the Inefficiencies of Supplier Communication Surely, there are many reasons why supplier communication is difficult […]

Keys to Managing Supplier Performance_IQS

Keys to Managing Supplier Performance

When evaluating the effectiveness of supplier performance management strategies, you have a broad list of best practices from which to choose. The keys to managing the performance of suppliers in a globally dispersed supply chain hinge on identifying the most optimal key performance indicators (KPI), implementing efficiencies in data collection practices and deploying a supplier […]

Strategies for Lean Quality Systems

Strategies for Lean Quality Systems

The global economic environment of the 21st century challenges manufacturers to devise strategies that add maximum value while simultaneously mitigating expenditure. In fact, the economic reality of today’s manufacturing industry mandates that enterprises learn to be more productive with fewer resources available to achieve business goals. Lean manufacturing principles, which seek to eliminate all forms […]

Top 10 ISO 9000 Failures_IQS

Top 10 ISO 9000 Failures

The process of earning all requisite compliance certifications is costly and time-consuming. On the other hand, the benefits of achieving compliance far outweigh these two primary obstacles to gaining certification. To lower the cost of achieving compliance, manufacturers must be aware of the unforeseen pains of satisfying certification audits: below are the top 10 ISO […]

ISO 14001 Overview_IQS

ISO 14001 Overview

ISO 14001 encompasses recommendations for a continually improving environmental management system. Many manufacturers and municipalities around the world utilize ISO 14001 standards to design, implement, execute and continually review the effectiveness of environmental management systems. ISO 14001 allows manufacturers in the environmental market to minimize an organization’s impact on the environment, ideally lowering total cost […]

Conducting Internal Audits in Manufacturing_IQS

Conducting Internal Audits in Manufacturing

Conducting internal audits is arguably one of the most critical facets of a sound quality management system. The sheer range of non-conformance issues that you can avoid by automating your own auditing procedures is innumerable; often quality management issues stem from age-old human error. I understand that perfecting your internal auditing procedures is a lofty […]

Quality Management Software Trends_IQS

Quality Management Software Trends

Since the turn of the millennium, the proliferation of lean quality management and compliance systems has afforded manufacturers a means to soften the negative financial impacts on total cost of quality. However, as the global economy continues its tepid recovery, quality management and compliance departments in the manufacturing industry are taking on a more business-critical […]

Implementing Quality Management Software_IQS

Implementing Quality Management Software

No doubt exists in my mind that implementing an overhaul of an enterprise-wide quality management system is difficult; “time-consuming” is the descriptor I have read more often than not. Negative descriptions abound when researching the best practices for sound quality management systems. I also read the words “tedious”, “cumbersome” and “frustrating” in far too many […]


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