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Cloud vs Edge Computing_IQS

Tech Trend Cloud vs Edge Computing

Your company has likely transitioned at least some of its technology services and infrastructure to the cloud over the last few years. The benefits of cloud computing are undeniable. Everything from smartphones to video games now depend on the cloud, so there was a frantic rush across sectors to move there. But is the cloud […]

Risk-based thinking 101_IQS

Risk-based thinking 101

The way you apply ISO 9001:2015‘s requirement for “risk-based thinking” is a departure from previous iterations of the standard, which has led to some confusion. Primarily, risk-based thinking has replaced risk management as a requirement to meet quality standards and to ace ISO certification audits. The confusion is that risk-based thinking is not necessarily an abstract concept. A […]

Characteristics of a strong quality culture_IQS

Characteristics of a strong quality culture

Your organization’s success depends on your commitment to cultivating a strong quality culture. If your company is new to enterprise quality management software, you may have to look for easy wins to show that EQMS is the right tool to strengthen quality culture. Without continuous improvement processes and an established quality culture, challenges can mount […]

Does More Data Mean More Problems_IQS

Does More Data Mean More Problems

Today’s industries face a constant yet shifting battle to manage the ever accelerating flow of Big Data. To be competitive, every company intent on maintaining market share must contain and make sense of the volume, velocity, and variety of incoming information. Those that embrace a data-driven culture will maximize productivity and profit by harnessing their […]

Single EQMS Platform Saves Money_IQS

Single EQMS Platform Saves Money

In today’s hypercompetitive market, manufacturers no longer have the option to produce goods and then test them for quality. Instead, to both save money and protect market share, manufacturers use an enterprise quality management software system, or EQMS, to build quality  processes, testing and standards into every aspect of the production process. A single EQMS platform saves […]

The Future of the Quality Manual_IQS

The Future of the Quality Manual

What is to become of the ISO quality control manual with quality control issues so prominent in manufacturing? At one time, the manual was so important that manufacturers would never be without one. ISO 9001:2015, however, brings about new changes that will make experts rethink how they approach quality control. How have manufacturers departed from traditional ISO […]

Principles of Software Validation_IQS

Principles of Software Validation

The world is increasingly globalized, which leads to greater regulatory requirements imposed by both governments and standards-based organizations. Functionality, data integrity and security are some of the most important factors businesses need to keep in mind. When companies use software to fulfill regulatory requirements, they will save resources. Here, we will re-examine our previous blog […]

Quality News Aston Martin's Recall_IQS

Aston Martin Recall

One of the first terms that likely comes to mind when Aston Martin is mentioned is “reliability.” But as of June 20, 2017, Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. has admitted a quality issue with one of its models. The company is ordering a global recall of 1,658 of its Vantage cars. What happened The British sports car maker’s chief […]

Ways 3D printing impacts the manufacturing industry_IQS

Ways 3D printing impacts the manufacturing industry

As the price of 3-D printers decline and the technology advances, on-demand manufacturing moves from concept to reality. Here are some ways 3-D printing looks to impact the manufacturing industry moving forward. Cost savings Creating a prototype has always been a costly venture. Not only is it necessary to get a designer with the right […]

Manufacturers benefit from IoT as far as the eye can see

Manufacturers benefit from IoT as far as the eye can see

Henry Ford is widely recognized as the father of modern manufacturing with his use of assembly lines to manufacture cars that the average family could afford. His assembly line increased productivity and introduced specialization. Mr. Ford would be astonished to see how far his ideas have come.  How do manufacturers benefit from IoT? Manufacturing process […]


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