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Quality Management for Oil & Gas

It’s no surprise oil & gas manufacturing faces one of the strictest regulatory environments around—and yet many companies have let quality and compliance take a back seat to efficiency gains or other initiatives. From discovery through delivery, oil & gas companies are held highly accountable for environment, health and safety, carbon emissions, and other sustainability-related mandates. At the same time, governments across the globe are constantly tightening these regulations and refining industry standards. Staying on top of all this, while managing the quality of complex processes, supplier relationships, and experimenting with leading-edge technology like IoT sensors is very challenging, to say the least. Quality management in oil & gas is critical.quality management for oil & gas _ iqs

The three elements of the oil & gas value chain—upstream, midstream, and downstream—have their own strict set of quality controls and compliance requirements. Each could not exist independent of one another, and performance in the early phases of the value chain is a leading indicator of the quality of the final product. However, a clear end-to-end approach to quality management and compliance is virtually non-existent.

Suppliers are held accountable for upholding standards per ISO 29001, but their ability to communicate performance and provide visibility downstream is limited by their supporting technology.

For operating in such a highly-regulated industry, oil & gas companies have not given the right attention to quality and compliance—particularly in the early parts of the value chain. The world’s highest performing companies are taking a closed-loop approach to quality management and compliance. Oil & gas suppliers could separate themselves from the pack by following suit, adopting a modern enterprise quality management solution with integrated tools for regulatory compliance, EH&S, sustainability, GRC, and supplier quality.

The IQS Approach to Quality and Compliance

IQS has extensive experience serving highly-regulated industries. These experiences are built into its enterprise quality management software solution. The QMS Software solution’s integrated tools—including analytics, mobile audits, CAPA, training, change and risk management—equip oil & gas professionals from the field to the executive office with the tools and insights needed to make smarter, more informed decisions.


IQS yields actionable insight into performance, cost of quality and risk-related metrics including real-time visibility on supplier quality, production and customer satisfaction. All things to help you maintain a competitive advantage. Here is a sampling of IQS customers in this industry who trust IQS for their quality management and compliance software needs.

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