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Has SaaS reached a tipping point in manufacturing?

If you choose to utilize software-as-a-service, you have to know how to quantify the value proposition of cloud-based applications. The benefits you can enjoy go far beyond cost considerations. For years, pundits have touted what can be accomplished with cloud computing. Today, the secrets to SaaS success and best practices have started to emerge.  Has […]

Harmonizing quality and enterprise mobility with EQMS

Your company has plenty of enterprise mobility solutions from which to choose. The question is: Which mobility solution can harmonize efficiently with quality systems? There is no easy answer, but this article outlines how mobility and quality can complement one another, if integrated at the enterprise level with enterprise quality management software. How mobility is […]

How will aerospace and defense millennials improve quality?

If you work in the aerospace and defense industry, you already know the challenges that your company needs to address over the next few years to remain competitive globally. For those who are not aware of the situation, one of the top challenges is developing capable, next-generation talent, highly skilled workers to replace seasoned, veteran […]

Medical Device Manufacturing and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things promises a world of connected devices constantly gathering and sharing data and making you and everything around you “smart.” Every industry is being affected by the IoT boom, but perhaps none has more at stake than medical device manufacturers. A broad range of concerns about IoT technologies are developing among these […]

Top 5 Quality Management Technology Trends

Are you knowledgeable about the latest quality management technology trends? If not, this post will give you an update on the top five technology trends you need to know. Given how much you have come to rely on enterprise software, you simply must be able to speak the same language as your colleagues in IT to […]

Will Wearable Sensors Change the Workplace?

You may be familiar with the general concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), but how will this emerging technology impact manufacturing? Technology pundits continue to portray the Internet of Things (IoT) as the next “smart” revolution, often compared with the proliferation of smartphones several years ago. “Wearable” sensor technology is one such application of […]

Industry Pulse: Manufacturing Metrics That Really Matter

You may find it difficult to benchmark your company’s performance against industry best practices, particularly when it comes to correlating financial and operational metrics. Fortunately, the experts at LNS Research have published an e-book (in conjunction with IQS of course) that provides the insights and context you should know. The LNS Research e-book “Manufacturing Metrics […]

Quality Management Trends in the Life Sciences Industry

As 2014 comes to a close, you may be wondering what to expect in 2015, particularly if you work in the fast-paced life sciences industry. In this article, the top quality management trends in the life sciences industry come into focus, providing you with much needed perspective on where your company stands compared with the […]

Why Use Software to Track Customer Complaints

Your ability to address customer complaints has a direct impact on your company’s bottom line. Every quality professional knows how quickly a seemingly minor issue can cascade out of control into a major recall in the worst case scenario. To help clear the air around this murky issue, this blog post answers the question: Why […]

What is Six Sigma and is Six Sigma Still Relevant?

Critics have questioned the wisdom of relying too heavily on Six Sigma, like so many other quality management buzz phrases, in today’s global manufacturing industry. If you are a strong advocate for Six Sigma-based continuous improvement processes, you should already be familiar with such backlash. Maybe, your company tried to implement Six Sigma and utterly […]


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