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Quality Management for Manufacturing

Quality management is integral to every part of the manufacturing process, from conception to the delivery of the final product. Quality management for manufacturing can seem like a daunting task alongside the challenge of balancing manufacturing processes that demand exacting precision with managing coordination between engineering and operations, maximizing global supply networks and carrying out efficient administrative processes.

Effectively managing quality and compliance in manufacturing means making it part of the process toward operational excellence. Manufacturers often find this difficult, however, because their quality management tools based on homegrown or legacy systems are not up to the challenge and compel them to take a reactive approach – treating quality and compliance like mere items on their list of priorities. Not only is this outdated approach a hindrance to long-term growth goals, but it can also be costly and dangerous.

IQS software provides solutions to quality management for manufacturing of all types. Regardless of the complexities of manufacturing operations and unique compliance challenges, IQS raises the bar for quality management systems. Whether you are in general manufacturing or a specialized industry such as aerospace and defense, automotive, medical devices or food and beverage, IQS quality management software optimizes the connections between people, processes and technology, both inside your own operation and in relation to your upstream and downstream partners. With one integrated software solution, IQS enhances quality management for manufacturing, including ISO 9001, ISO 14000, AS9100, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, FDA GxP, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and HACCP/ISO 22000.

Transforming ISO 9001:2015 compliance

ISO 9001 is the backbone of quality management for manufacturing today, and meeting the ISO 9000 family of standards is considered a fundamental requirement in most manufacturing settings.

IQS transforms ISO 9001:2015 compliance by taking an enterprise approach, turning your quality management system into a strategic tool for your business. IQS solutions streamline processes and documentation control in quality management for manufacturing, allowing you to analyze enterprise-wide quality and compliance data in real time and keep pace with your global competition no matter what your industry.

Meeting new sustainability standards

EH&S/ISO 14000 compliance is a particular challenge for manufacturing as different businesses are subject to different standards, which are constantly evolving as our understanding of manufacturing’s impact on the environment grows.

IQS software enhances quality management for manufacturing with industry-specific, enterprise-wide solutions to meet EH&S/ISO 14000 requirements. The time-consuming and costly processes of maintaining environmental compliance are efficiently streamlined to track, report and assess environmental safety parameters in one interface, making compliance management more efficient and eliminating the risk of issues being overlooked.

Compliance management for aerospace and defense

The aerospace and defense industry must follow a unique and complex set of compliance mandates, which are guided by the AS9100 compliance standards. AS9100 incorporates the ISO 9000 family of standards but goes even further in the areas of quality and safety. As such, AS9100 compliance has become a requirement for nearly all aspects of the aerospace and defense industry. IQS provides an integrated solution to the AS9100 framework, streamlining and reducing the cost of compliance.

The IQS software solution automates and digitizes the processes of AS9100 compliance, such as audit management, CAPA and document management. By improving efficiency and reducing the potential for redundancies or oversights, IQS lets you focus on adding value for your downstream partners and end users.

Keeping pace with quality demands in automotive

The automotive industry is unique in that quality is measured by the end user’s experience with the final product, even though there may be hundreds or thousands of supplier relationships behind it. This poses tough quality compliance standards on suppliers.

IATF 16949 certification has become a basic requirement for consideration as a supplier, and managing IATF 16949 compliance has become almost impossible without a robust software solution. IQS IATF 16949 software provides an integrated solution to different quality management processes in different facets of automotive manufacturing operations and streamlines the internal audit process that is a critical part of IATF 16949 compliance.

Taking control of compliance in medical devices

There are few industries more subject to intense compliance standards in quality management for manufacturing than medical device manufacturing. Innovation and rapid time to market are critical to success in this competitive sector, but managing quality and compliance can quickly bog down operations, particularly if quality management relies on outmoded spreadsheet-based systems or stand-alone programs.

IQS applies its enterprise-wide approach to provide integrated quality and compliance management solutions for each of the critical frameworks medical device manufacturers must manage: ISO 13485 compliancedocument control compliance under the FDA21 CFR Part 11 documentation requirements and compliance with FDA GxP mandates.

Taking food safety to the next level

For food and beverage manufacturers, a product recall or other food safety-related issue is a disastrous prospect. Compliance with HACCP/ISO 22000 standards ensures constant monitoring and identification of potential problems, but it can be challenging to manage because of the differences between HACCP and ISO 22000 and the need to effectively meet both sets of standards across supply chains and multiple manufacturing locations.

IQS EQMS takes HACCP/ISO 22000 quality monitoring and management to the next level. Applying industry experience and expertise, IQS integrates management of both standards in a single interface, streamlining quality management processes and reducing compliance costs. The solution can be deployed across multiple sites as well, effectively bringing all HACCP/ISO 22000 monitoring and management to a single control point, thus ensuring consistent performance on an enterprise-wide basis.

IQS Manufacturing Customers

IQS yields actionable insight into performance, cost of quality and risk-related metrics including real-time visibility on supplier quality, production and customer satisfaction. All things to help you maintain a competitive advantage. Here is a sampling of IQS customers in this industry who trust IQS for their quality management and compliance software needs.

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Case Study How to Get Started with Performance Management

To gain a better understanding into the foundations of a strong quality performance management program, this report will focus on highlights from the recent LNS Research Global Executive Council meeting. In the meeting, Vice President of Quality & Lean Systems and Environment, Health, and Safety at Accuride Corporation, Jd Marhevko, shared best practices as well as her alternative approach to performance management. She and her team leverage a quality improvement methodology known as the Cost of Poor Execution (COPE).

Quality 4.0 Get Educated, Get Involved, and Build a Successful Strategy

IQS understands that the responsibilities of industry leaders include effectively leveraging rapid change and creating an aggressive strategy for corporate success that aligns with quality management objectives. A recent research study developed by LNS Research, “Quality 4.0: Get Educated, Get Involved, and Build a Successful Strategy,” elucidates exactly how corporate leaders can utilize a powerful knowledge base to construct an informed direction in the marketplace. Digital transformation in terms of quality is  about placing your business on the path to dominance.

Balancing the Cost of Quality IT Investments and Integrated QMS

In today’s global manufacturing industry, balancing the cost of quality, IT investments, and integrated QMS (quality management systems) presents as a never-ending series of challenges for your company.  To implement an integrated quality management solution effectively, you need to win buy-in from all stakeholders, particularly stakeholders in your company’s IT department.  The fact of the matter is that IT, too, has been forced to do more with less resources, which makes maximizing returns on previous technology investments all the more critical.


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