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Founded on the principles of exceptional quality management and innovative technology, IQS transforms the way the world’s top manufacturers operate. For 30 years, IQS has been delivering market-leading quality management and compliance solutions. The result is an enterprise-wide solution that delivers best-in-class data visibility with deep and open integration capabilities, and a team of experts to ensure timely deployment success and fanatical customer support.

Companies come to IQS when they plan to transform quality management processes. IQS Trubox™ is the market-leading enterprise quality management and compliance platform for industry. It is used to:

  • Track & control the cost of quality
  • Unify tools for quality processes
  • Close the loop that spans the value chain
  • Streamline compliance for ISO 9001,  ISO 13485, AS 9100, IATF 16949, ISO 13485 and more

Learn more about the core IQS processes

Quality and Compliance_IQS


Companies that prioritize cohesive quality have made great strides in reducing costs, winning new business and driving innovation. IQS works with global clients to cultivate an enterprise-wide quality and compliance hub. Our software enables you to streamline, harmonize, and centralize quality and compliance data and processes. Our team (and solution) support multiple languages worldwide to help with the deployment and rampup processes.

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Proactivity is vital to effective quality management. It requires visibility into quality and compliance at every phase of the product lifecycle. IQS enterprise quality management software acts as your intelligence gateway into global performance, showing you the who, what, where, when and why of all things quality. Got a nonconformance? Our comprehensive solution lets you dig into what happened, trigger a corrective action and prevent it at a global scale. Workflows and content sharing notifications streamline your process.

Reduce Risk_IQS


The IQS solution provides a best-practice based framework that drives compliance to regulatory requirements and conformance to quality standards and mandates. When implemented, IQS reduces risk, improves visibility and harmonizes key aspects of your business processes aiding in the transformation of quality to a mature, proactive state. Risk Management Software

Closed Loop_IQS


We understand closed-loop quality and the importance of getting things right from the start. IQS takes quality and compliance beyond the organization for the mission critical purpose of collaborating and building true partnerships with suppliers. Our supplier quality software helps you automate supplier data collection, maintain a digital traceability record, manage your risk and drive better performance from your upstream partners.


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