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Quality suffers from operational architecture inefficiencies

The operational architecture is a critical component of any business as it provides the organization the technology as well as systems needed to function. The leaders at LNS Research compiled a list of standard errors related to operational architecture that can cause critical mistakes. In addition to showing you what errors to avoid, this information also demonstrates one of the many ways that enterprise quality management software can facilitate your business’ functionality and prevent mistakes.Quality suffers from operational architecture inefficiencies

LNS Research connects operational architecture with common issues

In their examination, LNS Research pointed out that many companies do not even have an operational architecture in place, while those that do may accidentally find themselves making an error. A frequent issue is an act of focusing on the plan produced instead of the process of planning it. The researchers argue that it is the thought processes behind creating the method, including weighing alternatives, that are valuable, noting their adaptability. Similarly, you should never believe that you finished the plan. Even when the project is complete, and you move on to the next stage of the process, you must take the time to re-evaluate the operational architecture to confirm it is still valid and the best choice.

They also argue that creating the operational architecture without consideration for outside influences is a major problem. If you do not collaborate with other departments of the business, you will miss out on critical information. To develop effective operational architecture, you must work with multiple teams and technologies. On a related note, many companies are not aware of their bias and that of the operational architecture process. During the process, you must recognize your bias and overcome it, whether that preference is for a vendor, solution, technology or something else.

Finally, LNS Research warns against having either too much or not enough detail in their operational architecture. If you include too much detail initially, you will accidentally move onto selecting the solution and miss the chance to add flexibility to your structure. Additionally, you will end up working on the plan for too long. Other businesses do the opposite and have so little detail that it is impossible to follow the operational architecture, making the efforts to create it pointless.

What to take away from the research

Based on the information from LNS Research, you should ensure that you give yourself and your team leeway when planning your operational architecture. Allow room for growth and change as your project and company evolve. Remember to consider everything as you develop the design, from your biases to other departments in your organization which may play a role. Most importantly, take the entire process of planning as a lesson as to what will work for your architecture and what alternatives to try if your original method does not go as hoped.

EQMS tunes operational architecture to prevent inefficiencies

With so much room for error when creating operational architecture, turning to enterprise quality management software is a logical choice to minimize the risk of inefficiencies, including the errors found by LNS Research. With 30 years of experience, EQMS from IQS allows for solutions that span industries and guide you to ensure you do not fall victim to the common mistakes when developing your architecture. With the proper software behind your team, you will be able to plan and deploy your operational planning without these issues.

If the unexpected does occur, the team behind the EQMS is there to point your company back on track. Our decades of experience at IQS mean that we have dealt with a range of inconveniences during deployments and know how to spot them ahead of time or correct them once they occur. Between trustworthy EQMS and the knowledge from the previously mentioned research, your operational architecture should be precisely what your company requires.

Read the full LNS Research report here.LNS Research closed-loop quality: connecting engineering manufacturing and quality_iqs



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