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Report Writing with IQS Web 2.0 – The Basics

Class ID: Call for Details

Cost: $600 per person

Length: 2 Day

Location: IQS, Inc. 24950 Country Club Blvd. #120 N. Olmsted, OH 44070 USA

**In order to modify existing or create new reports, your organization will need to be licensed to Crystal Reports XI R2 Developer.

Overview of Crystal Reports XI with IQS Web 2.0 Creating basic reports

  • Sorting, grouping and summarizing
  • Using record selection
  • Creating formulas and advanced functions
  • Linking information
  • Working with section formatting
  • Creating cross-tab and sub-reports

Topics Covered

  • Overview Of Crystal Reports
    Discuss databases; explore Crystal Reports environment, use Preview
  • Creating Basic Reports Using The Custom Reports Crystal Experts
    Use the Report Expert, edit a report using the Report Expert
  • Working with Data
    Sort and group data; change group options; create specific groups; add total fields
  • Selecting Records
    Understand record selection; apply multiple criteria; edit the record selection formula
  • Creating Formulas and Parameters
    Create a formula; understand formula syntax; edit, rename, delete a formula; concatenate text with database fields; create a parameter field; use parameters in record selection
  • Linking
    Discuss linking; define join types
  • Additional Fields and Formatting
    Insert special fields; insert fields in text objects; insert lines and boxes; insert pictures
  • Creating Running Totals
    Create a running total for a list and for groups
  • Using Conditional Formatting
    Understand conditional formatting; apply conditional attribute formatting; apply conditional on/off formatting; apply greenbar-paper effect; use the Highlighting Expert
  • Working with Multiple Sections
    Understand multiple sections; merge sections; support blank lines; create different page headers and footers; move and delete sections
  • Creating Cross-tab Reports
    Understand cross-tab reports; enhance cross-tab reports; create a cross-tab report for a group
  • Creating Subreports
    Create a subreport; insert a linked subreport
  • Working with Report Distribution
    Export reports; compile reports

Who Should Attend?

  • Users of Crystal Reports who need to know the basics of customizing existing reports and creating new reports based on individual criteria
  • This is a hands-on course
  • Course is for SQL Server and Oracle users


  • Some database knowledge a plus
  • Licensed to Crystal Reports XI R2 Developer


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