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Subject matter experts regularly convene to discuss market-based needs regarding these standards. In the case of ISO 9001:2015, this revision fundamentally changes the process through which risk is considered rather than altering specific item standards. This “thought process” change represents a major shift for ISO, with two major ramifications.

The first replaces the term “risk management” with “risk-based thinking.” This seemingly minor word change represents a paradigm shift in manufacturing’s approach to risk. Risk management implies you have solutions for every probable situation that might arise, such as equipment malfunction. Risk-based thinking compels you to view every aspect of your operation and prepare your company accordingly. The former is a once-and-done deal. The latter is a continuous improvement process.

The second consequence of the rule revision adds a “Plan-Do-Check-Act” cycle throughout the organization, from management to the shop floor. This process is consistent with the first concept of risk-based thinking.

Risk-based thinking begins with thorough assessments of your company’s assets, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Once you have a visual representation of all components, you can begin to assess the risk of each. For example, the closed-system computer that operates your milling machine is a much lower risk than the personal devices that your employees bring into work with them every day.

Once your assessment is complete, you can plan for potential risks, plan for possible equipment failure, and plan for additional personnel training. Implementing your plans and revisiting your assessment continues the process of risk-based thinking.

The most important concept of the second ramification is the final part of the cycle. Risk-based thinking gives your company the information that it needs to “act,” not simply “react,” to whatever situation arises.

Risk-based thinking with IQS risk management software

In keeping with the revised ISO standard, IQS software provides you with the tools that you need to change your corporate philosophy from reactive to proactive. Standardization and centralization form the core components of IQS’s approach. Standardization ensures that the same rules, thoughts, and actions apply to all levels of your company. Centralization ensures that all of your company’s data is stored as a secure unit, complete with notification capabilities that provide your “checks.”

Since the software applies to all levels of your company, it is easy to document leadership’s involvement in the risk-based thinking process and planning every step of the way. In many organizations, a disconnect between management and personnel leads to unnecessary risk. IQS seamlessly blends management and personnel with a holistic approach to risk-based thinking in its software.

Finally, IQS allows for attachments of supporting documentation. With IQS, your company can share pertinent portions of its assessment, planning, checking and action steps up and down the value chain.

Key benefits of IQS risk management software

IQS risk management software is part of its suite of secure, cloud-based quality management software products. As a cloud-based system, IQS delivers up-to-date software upgrades while providing total disaster recovery.

In addition to helping you protect your company’s production quality, IQS helps you to protect your company’s bottom line by reducing your administrative overhead so that you can concentrate on your core mission – making your product.

IQS Risk Management Software allows you to:

  • Comply with regulatory and customer requirements
  • Standardize processes
  • Centralize global data
  • Assess data globally
  • Mitigate risks
  • Document management involvement

Key IQS Software System Functions

  • Plug and play, out-of-the-box functionality
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Easy configuration
  • Intelligent visual form builder templates and pre-configured reporting
  • Data visualization and analytics
  • Real-time notifications/validation
  • Cross browser compatible and mobile friendly
  • Collaboration at the form/record level
  • Comprehensive security and electronic signatures

Cloud-based, hosted EQMS

IQS’s browser-based EQMS resides safely in a highly secure environment to deliver these top benefits:

  • Up to date software features and functions
  • Improved reliability and less redundancy
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Thorough disaster recovery

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