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Machine learning in manufacturing

Artificial intelligence has been advancing by leaps and bounds. Computers can now process and translate languages, detect objects, identify faces and so much more. AI and machine learning are going to revolutionize manufacturing, and companies could be spending as much as $47 billion on these technologies by 2020. Read on for more information on machine learning in […]

Quality 4.0 helps leaders benefit from technology

Is your company grappling with the hard-hitting waves of technological disruption? Simply using technology at your business does not ensure success. Apps are a particularly useful example of technology that fails to live up to its hype: Only 200 apps out of around 1.6 million enjoy a whopping 70% of use. IQS understands that the responsibilities of […]

Is Quality 4.0 distinct from Industry 4.0?

Yes, Quality 4.0 is absolutely distinct from Industry 4.0, but there are several caveats you need to understand. As a quality professional, you have to stay ahead of new trends and buzz phrases. Quality 4.0 and Industry 4.0, two broad concepts that have emerged in the manufacturing trade press, are merely the latest to gain […]

Tech trend disengagements in autonomous vehicles

As a quality professional, you understand the process of perfecting a product or process. For many years, the automotive industry has been working to create a safe and reliable autonomous vehicle. Although many companies are making great strides, it remains to be seen which one, if any, will be the first to come up with […]

The MES role in manufacturing technology

As a quality professional involved in the world of manufacturing, you are likely already aware that MES stands for manufacturing execution system. These systems are used to monitor and control the work currently in progress on the floor of a factory. These systems receive data constantly from employees, monitors and even robots. Read more about […]

The shift to artificial intelligence in manufacturing

Manufacturing has seen many new innovations over the years, but few of those have had as much impact as artificial intelligence. Nearly every process is going to change as AI, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are fully implemented. But is the manufacturing ready for these changes? Read on to learn more about […]

Tech Trend Cloud vs Edge Computing

Your company has likely transitioned at least some of its technology services and infrastructure to the cloud over the last few years. The benefits of cloud computing are undeniable. Everything from smartphones to video games now depend on the cloud, so there was a frantic rush across sectors to move there. But is the cloud […]

Does More Data Mean More Problems

Today’s industries face a constant yet shifting battle to manage the ever accelerating flow of Big Data. To be competitive, every company intent on maintaining market share must contain and make sense of the volume, velocity, and variety of incoming information. Those that embrace a data-driven culture will maximize productivity and profit by harnessing their […]

Medical Device Security in Manufacturing

The global medical device market is growing, as Southeast Asia and China increase their orders for more of the health care instruments. Many if not most of those devices connect patients and their health care teams through the Internet and the cloud, which increases the number of opportunities for hackers and other cyber criminals to invade […]

Top trends in aerospace manufacturing

Aerospace manufacturing constantly changes as new challenges emerge every day. Technology advancements and global politics dictate the industry’s direction moving forward. Here are three top trends in aerospace manufacturing to pay attention to and how they can be expected to affect industry growth. Technological Advancements As technology advances, customer demand for new aircraft increases. Improved […]


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