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Single EQMS Platform Saves Money

In today’s hypercompetitive market, manufacturers no longer have the option to produce goods and then test them for quality. Instead, to both save money and protect market share, manufacturers use an enterprise quality management software system, or EQMS, to build quality  processes, testing and standards into every aspect of the production process. A single EQMS platform saves money.Single EQMS Platform Saves Money_IQS

EQMS saves money across the organization

The adage is to “sell more or spend less” to improve profits. EQMS offers the opportunity to do both through a single platform that assures improved and maintained quality while reducing costs.

Saving through IT

IT is an integral aspect of every company, and offers the flexibility and capacity to move the enterprise forward with innovation and precision. Alignment of business operations through an EQMS enables the comprehensive integration of technology platforms to streamline processes and eliminate disparate IT functions. Marrying IT with EQMS promotes inspired business strategies from the very first day:

  • EQMS helps to achieve short-range goals by swiftly connecting various production elements and coordinating their outputs and processes.
  • EQMS also facilitates planning by providing the tools to improve coordination of long-term efforts to achieve maximum gains. Analysis of EQMS data provides insights and helps formulate the strategies that guide future development and growth.

Saving during implementation

A comprehensive EQMS is invaluable when multiple sites are considered. Challenges arise when companies spread their production facilities across several locations only to find shoddy quality at one site that adversely impacts the entire program. EQMS tools help manufacturers generate an optimal system that can be duplicated across the enterprise, giving each unit the same direction and capacity as the others. With EQMS in place:

  • Implementation of standardized systems within each separate production site assures quality production across the line.
  • The cost of maintaining systems is also reduced. Rather than having to support a series of unrelated, disconnected manufacturing processes, EQMS assures each system is maintained comparably to the others, reducing maintenance.

Save while passing audits

Quality assurance is critical especially when customer, industry and international standards compliance are at stake. EQMS gives manufacturers the systems they need to prove they are in compliance with every standard variation throughout the manufacturing sector. Software programmed to track and record compliance activities provides a comprehensive database for which auditors can consult and report. And because EQMS spans the entire organization, auditors can evaluate each element of the manufacturing process, regardless of where in the world it occurs.

Save while managing risk

Each step of every production line carries a level of risk – failure, noncompliance, excess waste or employee safety. EQMS has capacity to address each element of risk regardless of where activities occur.

On the risk assessment and management end, EQMS helps identify potential risk factors and allows for documentation of solutions prior to production thus reducing post-production failures.  Money saved in the production process can be reinvested into risk prevention, such as better tooling, increased precision and education for personnel.

Today’s enterprise quality management software offer every enterprise the tools it needs to improve production, be compliant and save money.

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