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Quality Management Software

An integrated, enterprise-wide approach to quality management is crucial to reducing risks, failures, and quality issues, while improving quality and customer satisfaction.

Why go IQS

Key Differentiators When You go with IQS:

  • Robust and integrated quality management tools allow for efficient quality processes and workflows to reduce the cost of quality while improving quality standards through a single enterprise-level solution.
  • Team of quality management experts to provide timely deployments and understanding, educated customer support.
  • Streamline and boost compliance for ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, AS9100, and more to not only pass audits, but also to enable a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Gain greater data visibility data through world class dashboarding and real-time data and analytics to pinpoint and analyze potential risk and establish quality controls.
  • Automate the collection of data, create and maintain a digital traceability record, and promote increased performance from your upstream partners.
  • Improve communication across disparate manufacturing sites and with a global network of suppliers.
  • Electronic signature provides added visibility and security to quality management processes.
  • Close the loop on quality management across the value chain.

Software Modules

What is a Quality Management System?

A quality management system (QMS) is a documented and standardized quality control system that provides a comprehensive framework including resources, procedures, policies, regulatory requirements, and methods. An enterprise quality management software (EQMS), is a digital, centralized solution for automating the processes required for effective quality management.

The Benefits of a Quality Management System

Quality is a critical market differentiator but can be challenging and costly to implement in an increasingly globalized environment. As quality management evolves and business leaders shift the mindset of quality to a more company-wide approach, companies will need to depend on a holistic and scalable solution for automating processes, integrating business systems, and creating a culture of continuous improvement, A well-configured QMS will allow you to balance the cost vs. quality equation and afford your company the benefits of consistency, visibility, reliability, and cost-effective resource usage, all of which contributes to continuous improvement.