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Employee Training

Employee Training Software

Customers choose the IQS Employee Training module when they need to transform their approach to training and competence management to support quality as a company-wide responsibility.

The IQS employee training module creates a single interface to develop and manage company-wide training initiatives.

As the rate of technological innovation in the manufacturing industry continues to accelerate, manufacturers must be able to educate employees on new information technology systems. The IQS employee training module allows companies to conduct periodic assessments of employee skills and document the results using a single, intuitive interface.


  • training
    Track training records

    Track training records, employee skills, job descriptions and surveys throughout the company.

  • identify
    Manage proposed changes

    Manage proposed changes to training courses, job descriptions and skills with full change request functionality.

  • reporting
    Track and test

    Track and test employee understanding of new/revised documents, policy awareness and individual certifications.

  • complaint
    Quiz employees

    Quiz employees to provide evidence they have met the training requirements of their position.

  • corrective-action
    Acknowledge changes

    Acknowledge changes to processes, operations and safety.

  • Ensure compliance

    Ensure compliance with quality standards such as ISO 9001, IATF 16949, AS 9100 and ISO 13485.