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FMEA /Control Panel

FMEA/Control Panel Software

IQS FMEA / Control Plan / Process Flow Software is engineered to support enterprise quality and compliance initiatives in even the most challenging environments.

We offer the following software to match what you need: 


Process flows define operations and the characteristics they control. IQS FMEA Process Flow Software supports the creation and implementation of those variables. It’s the combinations of these variables that form the foundation of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Control Plans. Companies are able to make significant jumps in reliability and quality by centralizing and standardizing process flows on a unified enterprise platform.


The ability to assign failure modes to all design elements and processes in tandem with assigning accurate risk priority numbers is necessary for proactive FMEA. This can be most effectively achieved with software. Software solutions must have the capacity to define the effects of failures and potential causes, and then display recommended actions quickly.

IQS FMEA Software allows you to assign failure modes to design item/functions and process/function requirements, ranking each by Risk Priority Number (RPN). You can define effects of failures, the potential causes, and the recommended actions if and when they occur. It also allows user-defined text for your organization’s descriptions of severity, occurrence, and detection values.


When designing an effective control plan or mpact, manufacturers need to account for the management of required equipment, on top of all applicable measuring devices. Effectively controlling the final characteristics for evaluating design processes can be achieved with the deployment of an integrated EQMS solution.

IQS Control Plan Software aids in defining how each operation characteristic is going to be controlled, managing the equipment required to produce your product, identifying the right devices needed to measure it, preparing sample sizes, and determining your ideal frequency of inspections and reaction plans.

The number of problems that may arise in process flow, FMEA, and control plan elements are innumerable. The combination of IQS FMEA / Control Plan / Process Flow Software helps you account for all three phases of evaluating design process elements and shift more of your efforts toward being proactive.