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Supplier Quality

Supplier Quality Software

IQS Supplier Quality Management Software transforms the way our customers engage, collaborate, track and improve all supplier related quality management activities in a secure and centralized system.

IQS allows for tracking on nonconformances and corrective actions while also providing the ability to conduct, track and record supplier audits. Supplier scorecards can also be built and communicated throughout your organization.

IQS also facilitates supplier communication via a secure, web-based supplier portal.

  • Manage supplier information within a single ‘master’ repository while integrating with other enterprise business applications.
  • Drive collaboration between stakeholders by working to the same quality plan.
  • Provide stakeholder visibility to supplier-related issues, quality of materials and parts traceability.
  • Ensure suppliers truly understand and address all quality management requirements.
  • Track the status of suppliers for criticality, approvals, compliance risk and performance on a global scale.
  • reporting
    Report and analyze

    Report and analyze supplier performance and share results using automatic notifications.

  • report-share
    Notify suppliers

    Notify suppliers automatically of tasks, new requirements and specifications while also capturing acknowledgement and objective evidence.

  • training
    Build scorecards

    Build scorecards to give quality departments a solution for real-time metrics and track improvements over time.

  • secure

    Secure, web-based access for suppliers