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The best EQMS solution for manufacturing

Enterprise quality management software is a must-have tool to achieve operational excellence. However, choosing the right EQMS solution for your organization can be a daunting task given the wide range of options available.The best EQMS solution for manufacturing_IQS  The best EQMS solution for manufacturing should connect different production elements, centralize data and extract valuable insights that will help you maximize operational efficiency. An EQMS that possesses the four features listed below will help you achieve short-term quality goals as well as long-term optimization goals across your organization.


You won’t get the most out of your EQMS solution unless it is rolled out to the different elements of your global value chain. This means the EQMS platform will be used by team members with varying responsibilities, backgrounds and goals.

The best EQMS solution for manufacturing should be easy to use with a configurable interface, dynamic form building and business workflows. Look for software with an intuitive interface and visualization tools so team members can quickly review and track data-based insights.


The best EQMS solution for manufacturing should connect all your workflows to give you visibility over your entire value chain. If you work with suppliers and outsource some elements of your supply chain, look into rolling out a cloud-based EQMS solution to improve visibility and communication over this entire process.

Scalability is another thing to take into consideration. Choosing a scalable solution now provides you with the infrastructure you need as your organization keeps growing, adds more workflows and generates more data. The right EQMS should include the ability to add more processes as the needs arise.


The best EQMS solution for manufacturing needs to support data integration with the enterprise resource planning (ERP), HR, CRM or PLM system your organization uses to help leverage existing data. The best EQMS solution for manufacturing should include features such as a visual integration toolkit and prebuilt connectors for platforms like SAP, Salesforce or Oracle Agile. Even though the new EQMS solution will gather data across your organization, you already own valuable data that will provide you with insights for optimizing production.

An Extract, Transform & Load capability would help you automatically transfer existing databases to the new EQMS system instead of leaving this valuable information behind during the transition to a new quality management solution.

Cross-device compatibility

Due to the complex nature of modern value chains and the fact that quality is an enterprise-wide issue, your EQMS should be accessible from a wide range of devices. Compatibility with desktops, phones, tablets and different operating systems will allow team members across your entire organization to easily access the new EQMS platform. Assess your technical requirements, including the servers that will run the EQMS solution if applicable, the machines and devices used to access the EQMS solution, and the number of users the platform should support.

Mobile capacity along with a user-friendly app is a valuable feature since it would allow team members to access the EQMS while they are on the go, and make key people more reactive, for instance when it comes to reviewing real-time alerts linked to quality issues document change requests and audit findings.

Choosing the best EQMS solution for manufacturing is only the beginning. Once you have found a solution with these four main features, set some goals for implementation and put together a team of decision-makers from all your processes to start working on an implementation strategy.

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