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This is not your typical demo. This is a personalized, automated demo from IQS. IQS was created for all of those who have ever had to miss lunch, miss out on family time, or stay late because you just can’t get needed and timely quality information. We do this by offering a proven, off-the-shelf, yet flexible software solution for managing quality, industry standards, and regulatory compliance for your plant, division or enterprise. IQS Explainer Video

Core Process_Transforming your customer complaint process_IQS

Transforming Your Customer Complaint Process

Have real-time visibility into the process. Take action. Keep your customers informed. Better your corporate memory. Core Process: Customer Complaints Explainer Video – 2:30

Video_5 Tell Tale Signs You Need Integrated Quality Processes_IQS

5 Tell Tale Signs You Need Integrated Quality Processes

Research video from LNS Research highlighting the challenges of today’s businesses, EQMS (Enterprise Quality Management Software) fundamentals, the 5 signs your quality processes aren’t working, and what to do about it. Video – 3:56


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