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QMS Software for Highly Regulated Industries

IQS software has been delivering unmatched quality management for industry since 1988. These three decades of experience have helped us develop a proven track record of achieving and exceeding quality goals in a number of highly-regulated industries.

Most importantly, we have witnessed the evolution of technology in this field and are now a trusted partner who will guide you through the process of adopting a quality management software solution and leverage this technology to improve your quality process.

How does IQS work?

Quality management for industry is about identifying pain points and providing relevant solutions. At IQS, we pride ourselves in offering rapid deployment solutions and in guiding you through the adoption process once a software-based quality management system is rolled out. We can also help with a wide range of regulatory and compliance challenges, including keeping up with changing regulation or giving you visibility over multiple regulatory requirements.

IQS will do a lot more than identifying and address your quality pain points. The solution that we offer is going to place quality at the center of your quality culture. This approach results in reduced risks and increased profits. This is how you can meet and exceed customers’ expectation in a highly competitive industry and how you can become a leader in your field.

Our solution isn’t limited to your production process. We will give you visibility over your entire value chain, across your entire organization, and will aggregate analytics, real-time quality updates and risk management tools to give you complete control over quality.

Identifying your quality challenges

Quality challenges are rarely limited to one area. An organization can fall short of its quality goals due to a lack of time, resources and talents. Failing to gather and leverage data can result in a lack of visibility over quality challenges or make it difficult to find a suitable solution. Other challenges include a rigid legacy system, changing regulations and standards and the increasing complexity of supply chains. An organizational model that fails to connect quality control to the other processes or a company culture that doesn’t emphasize quality can also be problematic.

IQS will be able to identify what is keeping you from achieving and exceeding your quality goals and guide you as you adopt a modern, centralized QMS and rethink how quality fits in your value proposition.

Adopting a new model with quality at its core

Quality can become one of the core components of your value proposition once you adopt a centralized QMS that builds on data. Collecting data across your processes and supply chain is the key to achieving optimal visibility over quality. The built-in document control features of this centralized QMS will help you base your relation to quality on a well-defined framework.

IQS can help you to consolidate existing quality management systems into one. Highly regulated industries such as the automotive industry will benefit from this approach. The central QMS offered by IQS also supports CAPA workflows and integration other processes thanks to SPC, PPAP, APQP and FMEA functions.

The software also includes modules designed to help you manage risk, connect quality to your training process, integrate customer feedback and control supplier quality into your quality management process so you can work with a closed-loop solution.

Compliance and audits

A comprehensive and centralized quality management for industry solution can help you meet precise compliance and regulatory requirements and make you more responsive to change. Having a centralized system with all the relevant documents and data available will make a world of difference in case of an external audit.

The mobile audit feature is also worth mentioning. Using a mobile checklist allows you to conduct internal audits and share the results in real-time. This could become an integral part of your quality control strategy if you work in an industry where optimal quality needs to be sustained at all times, such as the medical device industry. Automating changes is another benefit of adopting a software-based solution, especially if regulations change often in your industry.

Keeping up with new industry standards is one of our many specialties. IQS can currently help you to meet and exceed the requirements of many industrial standards, including ISO 9000, AS9100, IATF 16949, ISO 13485, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, HACCP/ISO 22000, ISO 14000 and FDA GxP. You can count on ISO to help you to adopt new sets of industry-specific standards that will be implemented in the future.

Our customer-centric approach means that we can develop a quality solution that is uniquely adapted to your industry. We are no stranger to highly regulated fields such as the oil and gas industry where companies need to keep up with several sets of quality standards and achieve complete transparency.

Achieving optimal visibility

There can’t be satisfactory quality management for industry without complete visibility over an entire organization and its supply chain. We can help you achieve optimal visibility by offering a solution that supports integration with several other business systems. Consolidating your data in one central system will result in more detailed insights over your entire supply chain and quality at different stages of your production and distribution process.

This is a common challenge in the aerospace and defense industry where components are often outsourced and where companies have to deal with a complex supplier network. IQS can help you achieve standardization and visibility over the submissions, inspections and supplier performance thanks to built-in supplier management features.

Exceeding your quality goals

Our aim is to show you that our software solution can become a configurable IQS Trubox™ platform for addressing the specific quality challenges your organization has been facing. Your quality goals might be to meet industry regulations and standards. IQS can help you exceed these goals and go further by delivering a product or service that fully meets customers’ expectations and become a leader in your field.

Taking control of quality is the key to remaining competitive and boosting profits. IQS can deliver the right quality management system that will put quality at the core of your value proposition and help you to take advantage of analytics to improve your quality management process, cut down risks and costs and find the pain points of your supply quality and address them efficiently.

Are you ready to see what you could do with a quality management software solution? Get in touch with us to find out how our QMS software will change how you manage enterprise quality processes.


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